“5 Star Reviews For Spray Tans in Glasgow”

Change your mind about spray tanning forever at Tropicoco’s modern day tanning salon in Glasgow city centre.
We know how great a spray tan makes us feel on a night out and for some of us, we couldn’t go a week without it. That’s why we specialise in spray tans, because we understand just how important it is to have a natural, even glow.
Tropicoco provides a quick and comfortable bronzing session in our spray tan studio in Glasgow’s City Centre. Situated in a comfortable studio at St. Enoch’s square Glasgow city centre, spray tanning has never been more convenient.

“Glasgow’s Specialists in Spray Tanning”

With a professional spray tan therapist applying a premium quality solution, there is no need to fear. Our award winning spray tan solutions at our Glasgow salon achieve a golden bronzed glow that lasts over a week. One of our professional spray tan therapists will apply your tan with an airbrush gun, ensuring a quick and even coverage.

While you are getting your  spray tan applied by a therapist, our tanning booth’s air flow system will dry you instantly  and extract excess solution out of  the air. This means you wont be breathing in excess spray tan solution and you can dress as soon as your treatment is over.

Our spray tan solution has golden brown hues, and guarantees a streak free, ‘non-orange’ tan every time! Tans in light, medium, dark and extra dark are available in our Glasgow salon and your choice of colour will be discussed before your treatment begins.

Our Brands 

Tropicoco Spray Tans

Golden brown spray tans every time

No orange guaranteed

 Range of shades from light up to extra dark

Only premium brand solutions used

To be washed any time after 9 hours (wont get darker)

Rapid tan available which can be washed off in as little as 1 hour

Convenient location in Glasgow’s City Centre

5 Star rated Glasgow spray tanning salon

We will always discuss your desired colour

Our Glasgow City Centre salon will always be clean and warm

 Friendly, professional therapists

Salon’s drying booth means you can dress comfortably

express tan 1 hour one rapid glasgowSome of Our 5 Star Reviews for spray tans in Glasgow:

“I needed a spray tan in Glasgow city centre and foun
d Tropicoco. The medium shade lasted ages and looked really natural and bronzed. I was diving all of my holiday and the nails and the tan stayed on the whole time which is a first time for me! Thankyou so much”

“Been getting spray tans for years and had my 1st one at Tropicoco and it is by far the best I’ve ever had!! Got my nails done which were also perfect! The salon is conveniently places in Glasgow city centre, was a very friendly, relaxed vibe. Cant wait for my next visit”

“Had the light on Fri lovely natural colour will definitely be back! The salon is so easy to get to in Glasgow”

“Fantastic salon, I use Tropicoco tans for my girls dancing competitions in Glasgow and they have every shade for different skin tones”

“I took my Niece Kristin up to Glasgow city centre for a spray tans and nails t
o get done, our nails were lovely and lasted for weeks… Our tans lasted for a long time and was so natural….. Amazing…. Loved it!”

“Probably the best tans I’ve had and I’ve tried so many around Glasgow, it lasts more than a week and fades so nicely.”

“Best tans in town, fab nails and friendly staff to make you feel comfortable. Best by far in Glasgow” 

You can see more of our reviews from our customers all over Glasgow: Our Reviews

Benefits of a Spray Tan

Sunless tanning achieves tanned skin of any shade without the use of harmful sunbeds. There are so many sunbed users in Glasgow, but some users are unaware that skin cancer cases in Scotland have increased by more than 30% in the past decade. The NHS states that to cut your chances of getting melanoma, you should reduce your exposure to the sun and sunbeds.

Not all products used in salons have skin nourishing ingredients, but ours is 100% organic with Vitamins A, B5 and E too. Our solution has no harmful parabens, alcohol or oils which make your skin dry which results in a patchy tan that fades badly.

Bronzed skin hides imperfections such as cellulite and bruises. It also contours the face and body giving the illusion of a more toned, slimmer physique as well as making your eyes and teeth appear brighter.

What shade should I get?

Glasgow girls love their tans, so before any bronzing session your therapist will ask you what look you want to achieve. At Tropicoco you can have the choice of light, medium, dark and extra dark shades, but it’s always better to go for a lighter option rather than darker if you are hesitant to pick a colour.

If you have fair skin, light and medium shades are best. If you have olive skin, light, medium or dark are all good options for your colouring. If you are unsure, take a look at our gallery for help.

If you are planning to have a tan applied before your wedding, we always recommend booking a trial tan session at our conveniently located tans salon in Glasgow city centre, but make sure to only use light or medium shades.

Your therapist will be able to give you advice on which shade is appropriate for you based on your skin tone and the event that you are attending. For example, when it comes to tanning for weddings, holidays and other day time events, light to medium shades are best if you aren’t used to dark colours.

Dark shades are more appropriate for people who are used to dark shades or if they are a stage entertainer, or are going to a night time event.

What is the Rapid 1 Hour Spray Tan?
  • You can wash this tan off on the same day
  • You will get more tanned as the hours pass and will be developed fully in 9 hours
  • This tan is the same brand as our normal one and lasts just as well

1-2 hours for a light tan

2-3 hours for a medium tan

3-4 hours for a dark tan 

Read more: Click here

What happens when I arrive for my appointment?

Once you’ve arrived at our Glasgow salon, you’ll be taken into our studio and your therapist will start your consultation. You’ll be asked if you have carried out the proper skin preparation (See below), if your skin has any dry areas and what shade you wish to achieve.

Your therapist will leave the room and allow you to change in private. A dressing gown and protection for your feet and hair will be provided and once you have put them on your therapist will come into the room.

Standing in the drying booth your therapist will tell you what positions to go into so the tan hits every area of your body. You will then stand in the booth for a few minutes and your tan will be dry enough so you can put your clothes back on comfortably and hit Glasgow’s shops without feeling sticky!

What do You wear for Spray tans?

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, Whether that be with pants or bra on or off. Some of our clients feel more comfortable with shorts on or a bikini, which is completely fine. If you don’t like the thought of tan lines, thongs or undressing completely is advised.

Preparation Check List for spray tans
  • Please note your spray tan can be washed off anytime after the  9 hour development
  • Hair removal and exfoliation carried out 24 hours before treatment not on the day
  • No sunburn before treatment
  • Skin free from oils, moisturisers, make-up, perfumes and deodorants
  • Hair tied up and away from face
  • Appropriate clothes packed (Glasgow rains)
  • Warn the salon of any medical problems such as recent operations, allergies or un-healed wounds prior to visit
  • Full details


After Treatment Clothing Check List for spray tans
  • Glasgow has frequent bad weather, therefore it’s important to bring a raincoat every time you have an appointment
  • Absolutely no tights, leggings, skinny jeans or tight tops as this will create seam lines and cause the tan to rub off 
  • Loose trousers preferably work trousers or jogging bottoms
  • No pump shoes, flip flops or boots. Trainers loosened with fluffy pyjama socks are best
  • long sleeved jacket with hood (Glasgow frequently rains)
  • Full details


How do I get to Tropicoco’s spray tans salon in Glasgow City Centre?

To find our spay tan salon look for the building number 40 above the door in  St. Enochs Square in Glasgow (across from the St. Enoch Centre). We are upstairs on the 3rd floor. Glasgow Central and Argyle Street train station are near to the salon. Their is also parking behidn the salon and at NCP St. Enoch Centre.

Our Glasgow Spray Tan Booth

Our booth for spray tans isn’t your ordinary tanning salon booth. For one, we would never let our clients user a booth machine to apply their colour, our tanning booth is merely for extraction and drying purposes as a professional therapist personally sprays your bronze on.

Standing in our salons booth, you will not be breathing in excess solution in the air as our booth’s air flow system pushes solution into an extractor. Our tanning booths air flow system also dries you in an instant, meaning you will be comfortable enough to get changed as quickly as you’d like.

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