Airbrush Tanning

Looking for an airbrush tanning salon near you? We are Glasgow’s only spray tan dedicated studio located in the heart of Glasgow city centre. We specialise in airbrush tans with a wide range of airbrush tanning solutions in a variety of different shades to suit you.

What is airbrush tanning?

Airbrush tanning is the best way to apply tanning products. A consistently fine even mist is sprayed through a gun which hits your skin. After the development time, you can then wash off your colour guide and reveal your tan which will last a week or more.

Why is airbrush tanning better than manual tan application?

Airbrush tans are the best way to apply tanning products. When you rub a tan into the skin, it’s hard to get the tan even on the skin. With airbrush tanning, the airbrush gun allows a consistently even application.

Your airbrush tan therapist will also be able to hit every part of your body with the airbrush spray, meaning you wont have any white bits that’s been missed!

Airbrushing also dries faster that hand applied tan products. This is because just the right amount of tan is evenly placed on your skin. As well as tan solution, air also comes out of the airbrush gun, drying you during treatment. We also have extractors and drying fans that will dry you during your treatment.


Airbrush tanning FAQS

How long does an airbrush tan last?

A professional airbrush tan can last up to 7-10 days depending on how well our clients have exfoliated prior to there appointment. Exfoliating before an airbrush tan gets rid of the dead skin cells on your body. Exfoliating is such an important part of the airbrush tanning experience because you wouldn’t want the tan to stick to old skin, we want it to stick to an even layer of new skin. Naturally your skin starts to shed in 10 days, which means your tan will fade evenly.

Whats the best way to exfoliate before an airbrush tan?

Before your appointment, it’s a great idea to religiously moisturise the week before exfoliating. Run yourself a hot bath or shower and stay in it for at leas 15 minutes. Take your ‘Tan Eraser & Prep Mitt‘ or any other tan removal mitt or face cloth (not loofa, sponge or scrub) and thoroughly scrub every area of your body. Pay extra attention to knees, under arms, neck, elbows and ankles.

How long is an airbrush tan appointment?

An appointment for Airbrush tans usually takes about 30 minutes. This includes colour consultation, application and drying time.

What brand of airbrush tan can I have?

Our tanning studio only stocks premium, high quality brands. This means you will have a skin hydrating, quick dry tan with no nasty ingredients. We stock the most airbrush tanning brands in Glasgow, so we have all your favorites! We stock St. Tropez, Vita Liberata, Fake Bake, Moroccan tan, Nouvatan, Xen tan, Nouvatan, Mine tan and Australian gold.

Will I be orange after an airbrush tan?

Thankfully no oompa loompas at Tropicoco salon! When you use a high grade tanning solution, there is no risk of going orange as premium brand tan are designed to be a natural golden brown.

What will I look like after an airbrush tan?

After your airbrush appointment you will not look too brown or unusual, you will just looked tanned instantly.

How to I prepare for my airbrush appointment?

Exfoliate, wear no moisturizers, perfumes, make-up, oils or deodorants. Even if you wear these for hours, they will still be on your skin and affect your tan if you don’t properly shower them off. Loose clothing is absolutely essential for airbrushing appointments because clothes that aren’t loose will take your tan off. The best clothing to bring to your appointment, are baggy trousers that don’t touch your skin. No straps, t-shirt or button up shirt or dress is best. It is best to try on these clothes before you come in to make sure they aren’t going to rub off your tan when putting them on. They might be loose, but they must be easy to get over your head, arms and legs to avoid rubbing!