Beauty salon quotes for your social media

Well, you’ve found the list of nearly all the encouraging and quirky beauty quotes needed for an exciting salon promotion!
The following list includes all the ‘positive vibe’ women’s self-care quotes for your spa salon needs to have your clients rush to book a much-needed salon day pamper session.

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We have dedicated this page to customer-engaging quotes for beauty, spa, nail, eyelash, eyebrow, holistic wellness, skin esthetician and massage therapists.

Business Booming Beauty Therapy Quotes

From beautiful skin quotes to relaxing massage quotes, we have it all!

This is the ultimate list of unique beautician quotes to inspire clients to book your salon pronto.

With this extensive list of aesthetic quotes, your clients will be desperate to make time to pamper themselves, and with the following list of beauty business blossoming quotes, they won’t need any more excuses to do so.

Witty Waxing Quotes

Need a list of funny waxing slogans to entice your clients in for a Brazilian or Holywood wax? Pinch one of our trendy captions for advertising, marketing and social media purposes. 

legs getting waxed

Sugaring Quotes

Sugaring is a lesser-known technique for hair removal, but did you know most customers reckon it has more benefits than waxing, such as slower hair re-growth and fewer ingrown hairs, and claims suggest it’s better for sensitive skin? 

Seasonal Holiday Quotes & Sayings

We’ve got a lot of holiday hair slogans, Christmas quotes for nail artists, and festive phrases for beauty salons!


Autumn & Fall

Whether it’s a quote for Halloween, Guy Fawkes or just a crisp autumnal walk with a pumpkin-spiced latte, we’ve got you covered.

Esthetician; Botox & Filler Quotes

Monday Quotes 

Tuesday Sayings

Wednesday Captions

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Beauty Therapy Words

Here is a list of words associated with the beauty salon industry to inspire you to make your beauty quotes. These words are often used to describe specific treatments, your salon or how your client might feel during treatment.