How to make a beautician job post; how to make one, who you should be looking for and why

Finding the right candidate to start a career in your salon is vital to the success of your beauty salon. 

Hiring the right people for your beauty salon will contribute to the overall growth of your business.

It costs money and time when you have to start someone new, so team members who are an investment will definitely pay off in the future.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate you want for the position will be an individual with the following attributes, ideally a person who:

Trials and probabation

Having a salon for 9 years, I can definitely recommend having a trial day or two to establish what kind of person someone is before hiring them.

Personally, I would be looking for someone who displayed the attributes listed above as well as someone who was punctual and presentable.

Job post example

Job title: Beauty Therapist

Who should apply: 


The candidate must be:

Application red flags

CV errors

This one is more of an orange flag as some applicants may not have access to spell-checking software. A couple of spelling mistakes can be overlooked, but if there are a number of errors on a CV, this indicates that the candidate might not be very conscientious as they did not care enough to check over their CV.