Benefits of a Spray Tan

When it comes to spray tanning, some of you would recoil in fear at the thought. Fears of being bright orange, sticky, streaky and quite frankly oompaloomapish is a stigma that is still stuck to the “spray tan”. However, let us tell you with confidence that spray tans are no longer orange, biscuit smelling or sticky, in fact, they are now golden brown, scentless skin tints that take you from a 5 to a solid 10 in 30 minutes. 

Benefit of a spray tan

Brown is best

Let’s face it, we do spray tanning because we know we look our best brown! Now you don’t need the brownest tan to benefit from a spray tan, sometimes just a subtle holiday glow is all you need to lift your mood.

The colour of your clothes, nails and eyes pop with a spray tan and your body looks more toned instantly. Now that’s a big benefit, who wouldn’t want to loose 10 pounds in 30 minutes?

Skin Safety

There’s big talk about the use of sunbeds and although it is a benefit to get a natural tan and get Vitamin D along the way, but you can get Vitamin D from supplements, so it’s not really worth jeprodising your health is it? Skin ageing is another worry. Overuse of sunbed means, UV rays damage the elasticity and collagen producing enzymes in your skin, making it sag.

Another benefit to spray tanning instead of using sunbeds is the cost. It would probably cost just the same to obtain a tan at the sunbeds, when you could just pay for a spray tan and have that colour instantly without the damage!

Photography and Fitness

Our customers see a benefit from spray tanning when they do fitness competition and photoshoots. This is because when your skin is darker, it creates shadows in your muscle tone, making them appear deeper giving you extra definition in your abs, arms and legs.


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