Best Spray Tan For Pale Skin

What Is The Best Spray Tan For Pale Skin?

The invite’s in, you’ve got your dress, your makeup booked and now your looking at your pale pins next to the colour of your new dress but somethings just not right!

You’ve guessed it, you need a spray tan booked pronto!

best tan for light pale skin

What spray tan can do for you

Complete’s an outfit: A tan can lift the colour of your outfit. Some colours just don’t look right without a tan e.g pastels, metallic or white

Creates an even skin tone: Just like makeup, tan evens out blotchy or patchy reddened skin

Like Makeup for the skin: Helps conceal varicose veins, blemishes, bruises and cellulite

Slims and tones the body: Have you ever heard the phrase “If you can’t tone it, tan it!”. Skin that’s darker allows less light to bounce off the body, which allows the body to look less round. Dark skin also defines the muscles by creating the illusion of shadow where the muscle begins.

What is the best spray tan brand for pale skin

At a salon, you can usually pick from a range of shades which usually include light, medium or dark. However, this doesn’t mean that every brand is going to suit your skin tone. 

For example, in our spray tan studio, we have 3 brands that we use, but there is one particular brand that we would never give to a pale skinned individual as it would be too dark for them.

Gold, caramel or olive based tans are best for very pale individuals, and it’s best to pick the lighter shade on your first time at any salon.

Our Top Picks: 

St. Tropez Original £20-£30 (Depending on location)

Vita Liberata Hawaii £20 – £35 (Depending on location)

Nouvatan Express for 1 hour max £20 – £25 (Depending on location)

Our advice for pale spray tan newbies

  • Pick a gold, caramel or olive based tan 
  • Don’t pick a red based tan
  • Book a trial visit and pick the lightest shade and work up from there
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Why you shouldn’t get too dark a spray tan

If you love being a deep brown but your chalk white, then go for it! However, you need to know the consequences of how it will pan out! It’s a fake tan, so at the end of the day (or should I say week) it will have faded. So it’s not the end of the world if you’ve picked something too dark.

So Here’s Why:

1: No matter how high quality a false tan brand is, if it’s too dark for your light chalky skin tone, it will fade BADLY. This is called ‘a bad fade off’.

What we mean by ‘fade off’, is when your skin naturally sheds and renews itself, the contrast between your new casper like skin poking through the extremely dark fake tan will be very noticeable.

This creates what is known as a ‘tiger bread’ like fade off.

2: Good tans ain’t cheap and cheap tans ain’t good! By this we mean a high quality fake tan will not be filled with chemicals, alcohol, perfumes and preservatives.

This is a good thing for multiple reasons, but in relation to tanning, these ingredients will also dry out the skin and cause a bad fade off.

Pick a well known brand that’s fragrance free.

3: The contrast between the pale you yesterday and the chocolate you this morning can be quite alarming to some spray tan newbies.

Pick a light or medium colour at max, and if you want to go dark, just tell your therapist to go easy on your face.