Can I wear Jeans after a spray tan?

The answer is yes if you want lighter legs and a seam line on your inner thigh and ankle!

Leggings, jeans and any tight-fitting clothes after a spray tan is completely taboo! This is because tight clothes are hard to get on which results in your spray tan getting rubbed off before you even get them off!

Once you finally get your legs into them, you’ll be wearing them either all day or till you get home which means that every moment you move the tan is slowly rubbing off while making your legs lighter than the rest of your body the next day. The seam line going up the inner thigh on leggings and jeans will be rubbing against your spray tan and will cause a darker line there.

      • Leggings, jeans, tights and anything tight is taboo
      • Items that go over your head but have now ripped off part of your tan – taboo!
      • Tan will get sucked in by tight clothing making your legs lighter¬†

Tan will rub off on the seam line of your jeans and make that white or darker!


So how did I prove this theory? 

It’s common knowledge that tight clothing shouldn’t be worn after tanning, but I wanted to find out for myself. I put on a dark spray tan and after application, I put on a pair of slightly loose cut off jeans. After the 9 hour development time I washed off the colour guide and saw that half my leg was tanned and the other half was lighter where the jeans had been off. See for yourself in the picture below!

What can I do now?

      • Take the jeans off immediately when you get home
      • I’m sure most therapists would be willing to fix it the next day for you
      • Don’t panic, most of the time it turns out fine, but a little bit of makeup mixed with moisturiser will make the skin colour more even!

So what do I wear after a spray tanning session?

On the bottom:

Loose jogging bottoms, harem pants, slouch pants, loose shorts or maxi skirts.

On the top:

no strappy tank tops! Where a loose-fitting t-shirt that’s easy to get into after your spray tanning session. If in doubt, try it on before you arrive to see how easy it is.

How long after a spray tan can I wear tight clothes?

After the 9 hour development time is complete, you can wear tight clothes.