Lash Business Names

Stand-out eyelash business names for your salon Choosing a lash business name is vital to establishing your salon’s beauty industry identity. Consider what kind of treatments you perform and what type of customer you are trying to attract before you pick a lash business name.

lash lifting on short lashes

How to do a lash lift on short eyelashes There aren’t many reasons not to get a lash lift, are there? However, many people worry their lashes are too short for treatment, but it can be done. As you can see from the pictures of short lashes before and after the lash lift treatment, short […]

Lash Lift

Lash Lifts for Length, Volume and Lift Looking to learn more about the award-winning lash lift? Discover the super relaxing lash lift treatment that enhances your natural lashes’ volume, length, and darkness for months. What is a lash lift? The lash-lifting treatment makes natural lashes look instantly longer, curlier, and fuller. Your lashes will have […]