IBX Nail Treatment For Damaged Nails

IBX; say goodbye to damaged nails

The IBX nail treatment is a nail-strengthening polish which toughens, strengthens, smooths and protects your nails, allowing them to grow long and strong.

In this article:

  1. What is IBX?

  2. How it works

  3. Treatment cost

  4. Applying IBX before nail treatments

  5. Steps to apply IBX

What is IBX nail treatment?

I B X is the ultimate nail repair product. A professional natural nail treatment that helps improve nail growth strengthens the nail plate and protects nails against gel polish damage.

Perfect for nails that are:

  • dry and flaky nails
  • brittle nails, which chip
  • weak and bendy nails
  •  soft and paper-thin nails
  • Chalky nails with white patches

This makes the IBX system perfect for those who can’t seem to keep their gel polish from chipping or peeling off. Gel polish chips can be due to many factors, but because your nails are in dire straights.

How the IBX nail treatment works

IBX is one of the best nail-strengthening products because it’s designed to fix and prevent nail delamination. Delamination is a word to describe nails that are peeling and have a separation of the layers of the nail plate.

The IBX nail treatment is a toughening agent that penetrates and fuses the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate durability. The IBX SYSTEM adds a protective shield INTO the nail plate to protect it from the removal process and to have it on natural nails.

This product truly is the best treatment for damaged nails because IBX penetrates the upper layers of the nail and cross-links inside the nail to itself, creating an Interpenetrating Polymer Network.

The cross-linking feature of the IBX system has proven to be the best treatment for splitting nails.

Damaged nails are caused by peeling off gel nails. Nails like these can be repaired with the IBX treatment.

Acetone won’t Remove It – That Means Constant Protection 

“Reverse the effects of cleaning products and prolonged acrylic use”.

Acetone-damaged nails are usually brittle, dry and chalky white. The IBX is, therefore, a highly effective brittle nail treatment.

Protect your nails from acetone: Acetone is the solution that soaks off gel nails safely but can cause the nail plate to become drier and, therefore, more brittle. The IBX layers will protect your nails from the drying effects of acetone and keep the nail plate healthy and more robust.

An IBX nail treatment takes 15 minutes to start the repair with two layers on the first session. The nail polish solution must be infused under a heat lamp into the nail plate. Getting IBX on every gel polish treatment is recommended to protect the nails; this takes 5 minutes extra.

IBX before gel manicure

The IBX nail system is designed to be applied with or without gel”.

Make sure you shape the nail before applying the IBX for its full effects. However, run the file over the nail’s free edge after you have finished the IBX treatment.

You can now do your gel manicure or acrylic preparation, such as buffing, roughing up the nail, cleansing, and using a dehydrator or primer for acrylics.

IBX can be applied under any gel polish, hard gel or acrylic systems such as CND Shellac, The Gel Bottle and more.

Nail treatment after gel removal

The IBX system is designed to strengthen nails, so it is the ideal product to have applied if you have had some damage from gel removal.

Consistent application and removal of gel or acrylic nails will eventually negatively affect the nail’s integrity. IBX is the perfect IBX brittle nail treatment after gel removal because it will hold the nail plate together.

If your nails are paper-thin from the damage after gel or acrylic removal, we advise cutting the nails short and applying IBX without reapplying gel or acrylic. Buffing (required for any nail application) will cause further damage to the nail plate and could be pretty painful.

How much is the IBX nail treatment

£10 for the first application

£5 for the proceeding

How often should I use IBX?

IBX should be used once every 2-3 weeks. There is no need for IBX to be applied every week.

Will it work for splitting nails?

This product will prevent future nail splitting, but it cannot fuse already split nail protein. Thankfully, your nail technician can apply IBX and then fix the splitting nail with nail glue.

IBX instructions

Before you start IBX preparation, you will need the following:

  • A nail polish dryer set to warm or a basic table lamp with a 75-100 watt bulb held 6-8 inches away.
  • UV or LED nail lamp
  • Nail cleanser
  • Lint-free pads

Step 1 

  • file and shape the nail before application (do not buff/rough up the nail yet)
  • cleanse the nail plate with your preferred nail cleanser
  • apply a thin layer of ‘repair.’
  • heat for 1 minute
  • blot with a lint-free pad, removing excess from the surface
  • cure with LED or UV lamp for the same amount of time your lamp cures gel polish colour coat
  • cleanse with a nail cleanser

Step 2

On a client’s first application of IBX, the product will need to be applied twice.

  • shake the bottle and apply a thin layer over the nail plate
  • heat for 4 minutes
  • blot with a lint-free pad, removing excess from the surface
  • cure with LED or UV lamp for the same amount of time your lamp cures gel polish colour coat
  • cleanse with a nail cleanser

Step 3

  • repeat step 2, except only heat the nail for 2 minutes.

You can now complete a natural nail manicure, gel or acrylic manicure.

Please note that IBX does not replace your gel nail basecoat.

How to buy the IBX nail system

To buy the IBX nail system and want to give your clients the best treatment for peeling nails, you must be trained in nail treatments, e.g. gel nails, acrylic nails or manicures. Qualifying will allow you to purchase the kit in a professional, trade-only shop.

Most beauty trade companies will request a copy of your certificate to purchase their stock. This protects the public from potentially dangerous equipment and chemicals they aren’t trained to use.

Usually, once your certificate of training is uploaded, it will need to be approved, and only then will you be able to buy IBX nail treatment online.

IBX and Onycholysis

Onycholysis is when the nail separates from the nail bed. It can indicate injury, infection or chemical damage to the nail plate.
IBX treatment could help Onycholysis as it improves nail plate integrity. Here is one case of Onycholysis that was fixed by the IBX treatment.
Please note that your doctor should see Onycholysis before seeking IBX treatment. Usually, a doctor takes a nail sample to help resolve your issue.

and finally. . . does IBX work?

I have used IBX for half a year, and you can feel and see the difference. My nails are less bendy, and my gel polish lasts much longer. However, like any beauty treatment, you must apply the IBX treatment every time you get your gel nails re-applied.

There are other tips that I will give you to make sure the IBX nail treatment works at its best:

  • Always remove your gel or acrylic nails with acetone.
  • Use less harsh acetone on your nails (try the brand ‘artistic colour gloss”).
  • Don’t peel or pick your gel nails off.
  • Don’t do activities that cause your nails to chip (chipping takes the nail plate with it).
  • Opt for an infill of gel or acrylic instead of soaking off your nails.

If you think gel polish has ruined your nails or perhaps your job hurts your nail health, then IBX is something you should ask for at your next nail appointment.

It is the best treatment for adding strength to your nails.

CND Shellac Nails

CND Shellac Nails

“CND Shellac; natural nails have never looked better.”

CND Shellac nail polish is a hybrid of nail polish and gel, designed to deliver your client shiny, non-chipped and non-smudged nails for over 14 days.

In this article:

  1. What is shellac polish?

  2. Shellac manicure musts

  3. Removal

  4. Appointment length

  5. Difference between gel, shellac and acrylic

  6. Treatment cost

  7. Training

  8. Shellac colour chart

What is Shellac nail polish?

Shellac or ‘gel’ nail polish is ‘cured’ in a UV or LED lamp, and unlike regular nail lacquer, there’s absolutely zero drying time, perfect for an individual on the go.

Shellac will leave you with a high-gloss manicure or pedicure that lasts the test of time.

With over 160 designer shades, from classy nude shades and vacation blues to autumnal maroons, there’s so much to choose from.

With over 2 weeks of no chips, you can enjoy this superior service at most local salons.

Shellac gives clients high shine and high-performance wear with absolutely no nail damage.

The CND Shellac manicure includes the following:

  • Wide range of colour options
  • Manicure
  • Shape, cuticle removal and gel/Shellac application

Lengthening your nails

Take note of the aftercare your nail technician provides; you can have long nails in about 1-3 weeks. Make sure to do the following to achieve long nails:

Shellac nails should last up to two weeks, but only with the proper aftercare. Here are some tips on how to keep your manicure looking fresh and chip-free:

  • Try IBX 
  • Always wear gloves when cleaning or dishwashing to keep your CND Shellac nails on longer, as harsh chemicals can affect the Shellac’s strength and cause chipping.
  • Use cuticle oil twice daily to ensure your cuticles don’t dry and look unsightly. Oil also creates a protective barrier around the Shellac polish, helping to protect the gel from water and other chemicals that may affect it.
  • Don’t pick at anything, and when cutting or cooking, be very careful not to cut your nail with anything sharp, as this will cause chipping.

Shellac & gel polish explained

Many people refer to all gel polish services as ‘Shellac nails’; however, Shellac is the brand name of the product manufactured by the company ‘CND’.

Shellac applies like regular nail polish but stays un-chipped or damaged for over two weeks. The polish hardens in a UV (ultraviolet) or LED lamp, and a topcoat is applied to give you lasting high shine till your next soak-off and re-shellac.

The difference between Shellac and Gel Polish

Sometimes, the word ‘Shellac’ is used to describe gel polish manicure, but Shellac is a brand name for the polish. For instance, you may have heard of some brand names of gel polish, including Shellac, Gelish, Artistic Colour Gloss, OPI, Gellux, Cal Gel, etc.

The appointment

A good shellac nail polishing treatment should include all the steps recommended by the company (CND) that makes it. Your nail appointment for hands or feet should include the following:

  • Assessment of the hands and nails
  • Cleansing of the hands with ‘Cool Blue.’
  • File, shape & cuticle removal
  • Shellac polish application with any of the gorgeous 160+ nail colours to choose from
  • Finished with a ‘Solar Oil’ drop to moisturise the cuticles and protect the nails from water and chemicals.

Appointment length

A Shellac nail appointment will usually take no more than 40 minutes unless you require removal, in which case 1 hour. For nails and toes, allow one hour and twenty minutes.


Unsurprisingly, Shellac nail polish has taken the world by storm since 1979.

The CND brand has been one of the best and most popular innovations found in nail salons today. People across the globe fell in love with having a perfect, long-lasting, chip-free manicure for weeks at a time.

Before this type of nail polish was invented, nail salon manicures with regular nail polish application were the done thing. However, a good nail lacquer will only last around one week before chipping occurs; for the busy woman, this is a problem.

Going to your nail salon is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Still, we can’t always come into the salon regularly, so Shellac nails are so popular.

A well-applied, good-quality branded Shellac nail treatment will last well over 2-3 weeks if proper care is taken, so it’s no mystery why people have fallen in love with the Shellac nail polish from CND.


We can’t resist a bit of glitz and glam, can we? That’s why you always want to stock the best brands of glitter to go over or add to our nail manicures.

Glitters are genuinely stunning and come in all different colours. Use a top-grade quality, non-toxic glitter brand like ‘Lecente’ or ‘Magpie’ to get the best results.

These glitters can be applied over your Shellac nails because they are so finely cut that they lie flat on your nail bed, meaning your topcoat will be completely smooth.

Professional glitters also have micro lock technology, which means the colour of the glitter won’t bleed and cause unsightly fading.

Rockstar nails

Let us explain precisely what rockstar nails are. Rockstar nails is a nail salon’s way of describing a gel polish or Shellac with glitter pressed all over the nail to create an eye-catching sparkle with people asking, ‘Where did you get those nails!’.

Soaking them off

It is highly recommended that you have your Shellac nail polish taken off by a professional, and most nail salons will charge anything from £5-12 for removal.

Like most gel polishes, Shellac removal is achieved the same way, by soaking the gel with acetone.

Picking or peeling your Shellac nail polish is extremely bad for your nails as doing so will pull a layer off the surface of your nail plate, leaving them soft and brittle.

Manicure musts

If you want your nails to last, yes. All customers must receive a file, shape and cuticle removal before applying their Shellac nails.

‘Cuticle Away’ is a fantastic product made by CND. It softens the hidden cuticle on the nail plate in minutes, providing a clean canvas for application.

The file and shape are necessary to get a neat finish and the shape you like best, e.g. square, round, oval, or square with a rounded edge.

Cuticle removal is necessary, too. Not only do tidy cuticles neaten and lengthen your nail bed, but the leftover cuticle will also not allow the Shellac polish to stick to your nail correctly, causing the gel polish to lift and peel.

Learn why Shellac can come off too soon: Shellac nails do not last.

Genuine Shellac

You can get Shellac nails in almost any salon, but is it genuine Shellac?

Shellac nails are usually at least twice the price of a regular nail salon manicure due to their glossy shine and because you can leave the salon chip-free for more than two weeks.

As the saying goes, “cheap nails ain’t nice”, and ‘nice nails ain’t cheap’ therefore, when you pay your local nail salon to use a premium product like Shellac, you deserve to have that product applied.

Non-genuine products are neither hypo-allergenic nor thoroughly tested for dangerous ingredients.

This means that your local nail salon could put you in danger of allergic reactions.

Non-genuine products do not have the identical ‘make-up’ or ingredients as more expensive, authentic Shellac products, which will result in poor service, e.g. chipping nails, etc.

Gel, Shellac and Acrylic nails 

Shellac and gel polish are very similar and are applied like regular polish onto the natural nail, which is then cured in a UV or LED lamp at your nail salon.

Length is not added to the natural nail with a gel polish or Shellac nail treatment. However, acrylic or gel nail extensions are used by your nail technician to add length to your natural nails.


How much Shellac Nails costs will depend on the type of salon you attend and its location. Shellac nails usually cost anywhere between £25-£50.

Vegan friendly

Yes, Shellac nail polish is acceptable for vegans to use. Shellac used for woodwork was made from beetle resin, but now the word Shellac describes anything that looks hard and shiny.

Buying CND Shellac polish

CND Shellac polish can only be purchased from Sweet Squared if you qualify for gel nail application.

Lasting power 

Shellac usually lasts 2-4 weeks if you take care of them.


Shellac should only be applied by a professional nail technician trained in the correct application process and knows salon health and safety best practices.

If you are curious about learning how to perform nail treatments, contact the company to find a training centre to teach you the skills to do Shellac nails.

Vinylux: CND’s not-so-ordinary nail polish

Have you ever wanted an alternative to shellac nails? CND has a ‘normal’ nail polish range called ‘Vinylux’.

Oranges & Corals

Orange colours like ‘charm’ or ‘electric orange’ can give ‘summer vibes’, but if you are looking for an autumnal shellac nail, perhaps a burnt orange like ‘fine vermillion’ might take your fancy. 


Vinylux Nails

Vinlyux; your not-so-regular nail polish

Made by the nail company CND which brought us the infamous Shellac brand, Vinylux is just like normal nail varnish but with several more benefits.

With over 150 colours, Vinylux nail polish is known for its chip-resistant formula with no soak-off required. That means that you can reliably keep this polish on for up to 7+ days, and once you are ready to change your set, you can take it off with a normal nail polish remover.

Conveniently, the CND nail polish colours match almost the CND Shellac range. This means you can buy the Vinylux polish, which matches your favourite Shellac colour and paint your nails at home.

Vinylux Nail Polish Colours (In real life)

Click on the Instagram hashtags to see the CND Vinylux shades in real life!































Pastel Purples