Wedding Spray Tan: a bride’s guide

A Bride’s Ultimate Guide to Wedding Spray Tan success

Orange skin, patchy blotches or white hands: tanning faux pas are a frequent occurrence in everyday life, but don’t let it happen on your wedding day and book a spray tan. 

Surprisingly, even celebrities like Emily Blunt have self-tanning disasters before their wedding day. Do yourself a favour and give your photographer less time photoshopping and book a spray tan.

“Emily Blunt Regrets the ‘Patchy Orange’ Tan She Applied Herself Before Her Wedding Day”

So why do you need a spray tan instead of just applying fake tan myself? Because spray tans are used evenly by an expert who can advise you on the best brand and shade for your skin tone and preferences.

We have all the pre-tan advice before your wedding spray tan and a list of the perfect tan for your wedding.

This article includes everything you need to know about getting a spray tan before a wedding:

  • preparation & aftercare advice
  • groom tanning
  • Sunbed vs spray tan
  • Shades for brides
  • When to book your appointment

A non-streak, natural and non-orange product is what you’re aiming for, and we know the perfect brands that will give your skin the healthy glow you’re looking for.  

Just a glow, please

For bridal tans, we always recommend the most natural brands and shades.

Choose professional, luxury tanning brands such as Vita Liberata, Nouvatan and St. Tropez. Having a brand choice allows brides flexibility to find the right tone and shade that works best with their natural complexion and hair/eye colouring.

Vita Liberata

Simply put, you cannot go wrong with this fake tan.

Vita Liberata has a natural caramel tone and looks fantastic on everyone. This product evens out the skin tone and gives you a natural, non-orange glow for any bride.

We recommend Vita Liberata Hawaii (light) or Ecuador (medium).

St. Tropez

There’s a reason why St. Tropez is the most famous fake tanning brand in the world: it’s sheer luxury in a bottle. From the refreshing citrus scent to the beach holiday glow, it has to be a must-be tan for weddings.

We recommend: St. Tropez Original (light/medium)


British-made ‘Nouvatan’ is just one of those products that hit the spot every time. It has an olive base, neutralising pink/red undertones (perfect for the British skin tone). It dries super fast, and it lasts super long! The original bottle is fantastic, and the olive version is my favourite tan.

We recommend 8% original, 8% olive or Nouvatan express tan for 1-2 hours.

When to get a spray tan before my wedding?

For your big day, we recommend booking your spray tan two to three days before the wedding, NOT the day before.

This way, you can sleep with the self-tan on for full development. This will also prevent any colour guide from rubbing off onto your dress.

We strongly recommend having a trial tan; this will give you some knowledge of the tans that we offer and allow you to find the perfect brand and shade for you. Trial spray tans should preferably be booked at least one month before your wedding; we believe this to be as important as having a dress fitting or a hair and make-up trial!

Consultations are a must.

If you have any doubts, feel free to email or phone us before booking, but we will always have a 1-1 consultation at your trial spray tan appointment.

We advise that you have an idea of the colouring you would like to be; looking through bridal magazines may help you, or if you have an image of yourself when you are tanned, if you bring this image with you, it will help to give us an idea of what you’re looking for.

You must be completely honest with your spray tan therapist and give us a good idea of what shade your ideal tan is.

Preparation tips you need to know

We have listed some tips below to read before having your bridal spray tan; this will help you to achieve the most natural results:

Get a good base

Avoid using self-tanning products for at least one week before your tanning appointment to ensure a fresh base. This will allow the tan to go on the skin flawlessly. 


Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment and avoid exfoliating products on the appointment day. Try something like The Tan Eraser.


Complete hair removal 24 hours before the tan again; you do not want to be shaving/waxing on the day of the tan.


Avoid wearing perfume, make-up, deodorant and moisturiser on the day of your appointment to prevent any barriers to the tan.

If you forget, please ensure you arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time; most salons will provide you with wipes to remove any products on the skin. 

Conflicting treatments

If you have any lash treatments completed, i.e. lash lift or lash extensions, please let your salon staff know so they can give you protective eyewear.

Waxing must be done 48 hours before your spray tan appointment and certainly not afterwards.

Body peels are a nono.


Once your tan has developed, shower in lukewarm water, avoid using soap on your body (it is OK to use under your arms), and pat dry when drying off.

To prolong your tan, you should moisturise daily, ideally using an oil-free moisturiser, as oil can strip the tan.

Another way to extend the life of your tan is by using a gradual self-tan

Don’t forget the groom!

Lastly, why not bring the groom, mother or bridesmaid along?

This will allow you and your partner to try different brands of tan. Learn more about spray tanning for men

Spray tan or sunbed before the wedding?

Sunbeds are tempting, but gaining a natural tan comes at a cost to the health of our skin. Sunbeds give you 24 hours of sunlight in around 5 minutes; that doesn’t sound safe.

Sunbeds cost around 5-9 pounds per session, and depending on your skin type, it may take a while to build up a tan.

Spray tan pros:

  • You have more control over your shade
  • Instant
  • no skin damage
  • less costly than building up a natural tan

CACI Facial; How it works

CACI NON-Surgical Facelift: Proven to improve ageing skin on the 1st treatment

Be amazed at the improvement of your skin with the CACI anti-ageing non-surgical Face Lift System.

Reverse and prevent the signs of ageing with award-winning CACI micro-toning facial treatment.

In this article:

  1. What is the CACI facial?
  2. How does it work?
  3. How many sessions do I need?
  4. CACI treatment price

woman receiving anti-ageing caci facial treatment

What is a CACI facial toning treatment?

CACI’ meaning ‘Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument,’ has been through 20 years of medical research and is used for anti-ageing purposes.

“The leading name in non-surgical facelifts”

The CACI utilises micro-currents that help tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position.

How does the CACI Facelift reverse ageing?

The face has over thirty muscles that lie directly beneath and are connected to the skin’s surface.

“The most improvement was seen in the forehead area with about 18.37% in the first treatment (before and after treatment) and 21.18% in the second step (after treatment and one month later)” University Study.

When CACI micro-currents stimulate those muscles, they contract and grow stronger. It is this direction of the stimulus that ensures tautness is re-established.

This anti-ageing facial toning procedure corrects the drooping muscle, correcting the sagging skin. The treatment also encourages blood circulation, which helps improve muscle tone and helps eradicate dryness. Why not see for yourself with our 10-minute consultation and 20-minute taster session deal at a discounted rate for anyone curious about the results CACI can give?

The CACI micro-lift facial toning machine also helps improve skin tissue, for example, acne scarring, blemishes and sun-damaged, dry, dehydrated and problematic oily skin. It also softens and combs out fine lines and wrinkles and works to rejuvenate the skin’s texture and tone. 

“Smooth wrinkles by strengthening the facial muscles, which uplifts the skin.”

The micro-lift mode works in harmony with the body’s bio-electrical field. The body working from its electrical impulses is very similar to those provided by the micro-lift mode. Clients feel very little, if anything at all. There is no visible muscle contraction, so skin and muscle tissue respond very quickly to this type of stimulation, and fine lines and deep lines improve.

anti-ageing facials for older skin

How many CACI facial treatment sessions are required?

You will see a noticeable lift on the first treatment, and to gain the best results, therapists generally run a course of treatments, averaging between 10-15 treatments. Some clients will need more, and some will require less; this will depend on the client’s skin tissue and muscle tone – it will not depend on the client’s age.

“Micro-current power is increased during the treatment course.”

A review of your before and after progress will be made on your final session. On completion of one course, another course isn’t necessarily providing that the client returns for a booster/maintenance treatment, which, on average, is once a month or between 4-6 weeks.

CACI was created to delay the ageing process and keep your skin youthful and radiant while toning your facial muscles.

micro-current machine used on a woman's facial muscles

The CACI facial treatment uplifts muscles, which improves wrinkles, laughter lines and eye bags. Results are visible after the first session, and a before and after photo will be provided of your first and final session.

CACI currents are designed to stimulate energy circulation in the tissues and muscles. This will have a direct effect on the rate at which the skin produces proteins such as collagen and elastin. Vitality is issued to tissues that have gone soft due to the lack of use and circulation.

“Improves skin tone, elasticity & acne scarring.”

The CACI facial is a spa treatment that gently exercises the muscles of the face, tightening and firming them, reducing the visible slack on the face. Scar tissue is softened, and pores can be dramatically reduced with this therapy.

Book a facial session, and the first treatment will last around five days, but with more sessions, the results will stay for longer each time. This is why booking a package of treatments will give you the most effective results. It’s just like going to the gym but for your facial muscles. Working the muscles takes time, but after your final session, you will have re-trained your muscles and will achieve ‘muscle memory’ that stays.

CACI Eye Lift Treatment

CACI eye lift treatment time: 30 mins 

I am focusing on the eye area; this anti-ageing CACI treatment lifts, smooths and plumps fine lines, rehydrating and rejuvenating the eye area.

Aimed to reduce fine lines, fatigue and puffiness, this eye lift treatment is proven to improve dark circles under the eye area.

CACI Non-surgical Face Lift

CACI non-surgical facelift treatment time: 60 mins 

Our most popular treatment re-educates the facial muscles to reverse and prevent the signs of ageing. Non-invasive rollers and probes emit electrical impulses which exercise the facial muscles, and the wrinkle comb smooths out fine lines.

The CACI facelift will lift, tone and re-educate the facial muscles on the forehead, lips, eye, jaw and cheek area. Frown lines, crow’s feet, sagging jowls and laughter lines are reduced by lifting the muscles with micro-current procedures.

CACI Jowl Treatment time: 30 mins 

The CACI jowl lift treatment is specifically designed to target sagging muscles around the jawline. The CACI Jowl treatment lifts firm muscles, which re-defines the facial contours, providing a taut and toned jawline.

Using CACI micro-current facial rollers, we can simultaneously emit impulses, providing an energy-restoring transmission that immediately hydrates and firms the facial muscles.

The CACI Success

Specific waveforms and ultra-low frequencies harmonise with the body’s bio-electrical field to provide an instant face-firming effect.

Doctors initially used this micro-current machine to fix facial symmetry in stroke victims and individuals with Bell Palsy by improving facial muscle tone, lifting the skin and smoothing fine lines.

“I love CACI… We are moving forward with technology to do with our skin.” Jennifer Aniston

Using a unique anti-ageing lotion, the CACI current is applied to your facial muscles to strengthen them; this physically lifts your skin, versing and preventing the signs of ageing.

With over 20 years of research, CACI has gained the reputation as the best non-invasive micro-current and microdermabrasion machine in the industry, receiving numerous awards for its technology.

  1. Re-educates facial muscles and smooths fine lines
  2. Increases blood and lymph circulation
  3. Increases the production of collagen and elastin (plumps skin)
  4. Increases the rate of protein synthesis (renewal of skin)
  5. Increases Mitochondria activity (Structures in skin cells that produce energy (ATP) to carry out skin rejuvenation

CACI Facial Prices

CACI Taster Session – 20 mins – £15+

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift – 60 mins – £40+

Eye Lift – 30 mins – £25+

Add on Jowl Lift – 30 mins – £25+

Package of 5 

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift – £160+

Eye Lift – £100+

Jowl Lift –100+

Package of 10 

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift – £300+

Eye Lift – £200+

Jowl Lift – £200+[/su_box]

and finally. . . does the CACI treatment work?

From my personal experience, yes, it does work, but it’s a commitment. Investing time and money into your skin is the only way to see drastic anti-ageing improvements. That means going for regular CACI treatments but also avoiding sun damage, improving your diet, drinking more water, avoiding sugar and alcohol when you can, getting a consistently good night’s sleep and quitting cigarettes.

A half-hour session will give me an instant, long-lasting lift, but like any muscle training, consistency is critical. The CACI treatment is a muscle training program for your face and is the same process as going to the gym to train your body muscles; you need to keep training to see results.

The muscles on your face are no different to the muscles you work in the gym, so book a CACI treatment once or twice a week for a couple of months, then whittle it down to once every two weeks. In between sessions, I strongly recommend purchasing the ‘NUFACE’ microcurrent device. The NUFACE is a small, chargeable, handheld device that is designed to strengthen facial muscles just like the CACI machine. Now, there are a few things you need to know about this device, which I will explain here: NUFACE.

To conclude this guide on the CACI facial treatment, I’m giving it a big thumbs up! I have had no Botox (yet), and by using the CACI machine and NUFACE for over four years, I have improved my nasolabial folds and jowls with my microcurrent devices and still have no wrinkles at age thirty-one, so I’m going to give the CACI treatment a 10/10 for its anti-ageing effects.

Resources & Studies:

Research Gate – University of Medical Studies – The Effects of Microcurrents on Facial Wrinkles: Research Study On The Affects Of Non-Surgical Facelifts On Wrinkles

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Sunbed During Pregnancy

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The dangers of using UV sunbeds during pregnancy 

Overheating during the first trimester of pregnancy may have a detrimental effect on your baby’s development.

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Eyebrow Business Names Ideas

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The name of a business reflects what it stands for, and a name for your eyebrow business should follow this rule.

A name which projects positive values and rolls off the tongue is key to your brow business being memorable. 

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There is a story behind every barber’s name. A good business name projects the brand’s personality and the type of customer the business will attract.

The traditional old-school barbers say, “Come in and sit down for one of the finest classic cuts you’ve ever had”, whereas going to the independent bohemian barbers is like getting your hair cut by an old friend who has a passion for trendy male grooming.

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Salon Business

Health & Safety in Beauty Salons

Health and safety rules and regulations are procedures to prevent accidents or injuries in your salon.

Infection prevention and control is just one area of health and safety employers legally must manage in the workplace.

Top Selling Retail For Beauty Salons

Are overstocked dusty bottles not shifting?

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Beauty Salon Quotes For Your Social Media

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We’ve got ya!

Well, you’ve found the list of nearly all the encouraging and quirky beauty quotes needed for an exciting salon promotion!

Beauty Salon Business Names (Creative & Unique)

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Beauty salon name generators? Forget them. They are too random in nature. Our hand-selected inventive business names have been divided into sections relating to different treatments and branding styles.

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How to spray tan hands & feet; the right way

Un-even, over-done or ghostly tan hands and feet got your clients in a tizzy?

Then this tutorial will tell you how to spray tan hands and feet correctly. If it goes wrong, don’t threaten. You can fix it!

Spray tanning hands and feet are tricky, and that’s why it’s one of the most common complaints you will hear from your clients. Learning how to tan correctly will help you avoid patchy fake tan hands, follow this tutorial and ensure you take note of the tips below. Continue reading “How to spray tan hands & feet; the right way”

Can I Shave Before & After Spray Tanning?

Can I Shave Before & After Spray Tanning?

Shaving is a common way to remove your body hair, but can you do it before and after a spray tan?

The answer is yes.

It would be best if you shaved before tanning, and you can shave after spray tanning, but it depends on a few factors.

Scroll through this guide to assess whether shaving your legs after you’ve fake tanned will leave you smooth and de-haired or, unfortunately, patchy.

How fake tan works

The top few layers of the skin are temporarily stained with fake tan.

The DHA in fake tan reacts with the oxygen in the air and the amino acids in the skin, causing a gradual darkening effect. It’s much like if you bit an apple and left it out!

The skin renewal process

Now, we move on to the skin and how it sheds.

The epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) is constantly renewing itself. The lower layers of the epidermis form new cells, which surface in roughly four weeks, replacing the older cells.

Can I shave after tanning?

Fake tan temporarily stains the top few layers of the skin, and because the skin is constantly renewing itself, it will be temporary, usually lasting around one week.

Yes, you can shave after spray tanning, but be aware that some of your colour may come off, especially if you soak in the bath or shower for long periods before shaving.

Shaving is less likely to affect your tan if you:

  • Have prepped well for your tan (See spray tan preparation)
  • Moisturised daily (no oils)
  • Have not dried your body with a towel straight after showering/bathing/swimming as this softens the skin, making you more susceptible to peeling skin

How to shave before tanning

  • Shave 12-24 hours before a spray tan.
  • Don’t forget to shave, wax or epilate before your spray tan.
  • Always use a new razor, as blunt blades are harsh on your skin.
  • Soak in warm water before shaving.
  • Use shaving gel or cream.
  • Shave with the hair, not against it.
  • Post-shave, use an antiseptic or toner, as this will close pores and prevent infection.
  • Moisturise your skin, and you are done!

How to shave after spray tanning

  • You can shave 9 hours after a spray tan as it will have fully developed by then (this applies to rapid tans, too).
  • Using a new razor, such as a blunt one with a dull blade, will remove a fair amount of your skin and the hair.
  • Use an oil-free shaving product, as oil removes fake tan.
  • Don’t shave too often.
  • Don’t press down too hard on the razor. Lightly glide the blade over your skin.
  • Avoid exfoliating.
  • Moisturise your skin daily or twice daily if you can.
  • Don’t dry your skin with a towel after washing; try to air dry.
  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals.

How to prolong your tan

  • Get a spray tan; they are usually even better quality than the bottle false tan.
  • Exfoliate in the coming days of your spray/sunless tanning session. This will allow the sunless tanner to stain the newest skin cells, prolonging the life of your tan. I recommend the best product in pre-tan preparation, “The Tan Eraser”.
  • Get waxed instead of shaving, but only do so at least a few days before your appointment. If you don’t follow this advice, you risk getting dark spots inside your open pores.
  • Epilate as an alternative to shaving. The same logic applies to epilating as waxing, although it is only for the brave! Epilating allows you to manually pull out your hair at the root with a small rotating machine. I use one every three days to keep up with my hair growth.
  • Top up your tan using a gradual tanner that you trust. I recommend Vita Liberata’s gradual tan or Noutvan’s mousse, which is fabulous!
  • Don’t rub your body with a towel straight after swimming/showering/bathing, or going in a sauna/jacuzzi/steam room.
  • Moisturise to keep your skin tone even and hydrated, but don’t use oil.

Should I shave if I usually keep my body hair?

No, you don’t have to shave for a spray tan. The only difference is the application, especially for men.

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How to set up a spray tanning business

Guide to setting up a spray tan business

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I started my mobile spray tanning business and rented a small salon space to set up a salon business in my city centre, focusing on being the only spray tan dedicated studio in my city.

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7 Reasons Why Your Lash Lifts Don’t Work

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Is the lash lift not lifted enough, the lash lift dropped, or was the lash lift too curly?

As a professional lash therapist, you don’t want any disappointing feedback associated with your beauty salon. Undoubtedly, because you care so much, you’ll find it frustrating that they aren’t always perfect.

You are a perfectionist, and that’s why your clients love what you do, so take a read, and from our research, you will hopefully find out how to make every lash lift a dramatic transformation for your client.

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When To Shower After a Spray Tan

When To Shower After a Spray Tan

Wondering when to shower after a spray tan? We’ve got you. 

Does your colour guide look too dark, and you’re panicking that you will turn out exactly like that colour?

To answer that question about when you can wash off a spray tan, it depends on the spray tan you applied at the salon.

By what type of spray tan, we mean the brand and whether or not it was a standard ‘9-hour development tan’ or the latest innovation in spray tanning, the ‘express tan‘.

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Spray tan extractor fans

Spray tan extractor fans; how to pick the best for your salon

Spray tan extractor fans are designed to pull aerosol particles towards a filter by a powerful fan, clearing the air.

Spray tan over-spray is the excess solution that hasn’t hit the skin and floats in the air during treatment.

It isn’t the worst thing you could inhale, but we would not be breathing it in!

In this article: 

  1. What are spray tan extraction fans?
  2. Why are they so important?
  3. Specifications
  4. The best spray tan extractor units
  5. Cost
  6. How to maintain your extraction unit
  7. What else can I do to reduce spray tan overspray?

Spray tan extractor fans.

Spray tan extraction units are essential for all spray tanning or beauty salons.

The reason it’s illegal not to have an extractor fan is because scientists don’t know if inhaling excess spray tan is harmful. Therefore, to ensure spray tanning remains safe, extractor fans must push the mist away from the client’s face and into an extraction unit.

The best extraction unit is exactly like our very own, which is a stand-in booth from St. Tropez.

The St. Tropez spray tanning booth pushes airflow onto your client, directing the spray to the filter at the bottom of the unit. This filter can be lifted out and washed with tepid water occasionally.

A spray tan booth where the client stands during treatment guarantees that air is pushed down over the client, removing excess mist from the air. This air is then sucked into the bottom of the spray tan extraction booth.

Although pricey, a good extractor fan will suck almost all, if not all, the excess spray tan solution from the air.


Ensure the machine has the following specifications when purchasing an air extractor unit.


Over 750 m3/h

Airflow is the volume of air a fan moves per unit of time, usually expressed in cubic metres per hour M3/hr.

Noise level

Under 71DB

Noise level is measured in decibels (dB). The louder the noise, the higher the decibels.







The higher the wattage, the higher the power it takes to run the unit at total capacity. The higher the number, the more powerful and effective the machine.


A suitable spray tan extractor that meets all the specifications for safe tanning will be around the £100 mark.

The best spray tan extractor booths

I have used two types of extractor fans in my salon and found them both highly effective.

I initially bought the ‘Walking on Sunshine’ extractor booth.

A small but powerful extraction unit, the Aura has been excellent at keeping the air and booths clean.

I couldn’t find the original ‘Walking on Sunshine’ unit, so I researched for alternatives with the exact specifications and found that the Aura Extraction units were similar.

  • Unique circular design – helps increase airflow efficiency
  • Removable filter. I found this removable filter cost-effective and easy to clean.
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Compact design with a carry handle – ideal for mobile salons
  • 230 Voltage – ensures professional results
  • Monitor filter – indicates when the main filter needs cleaning


  • Voltage; 230V
  • Amps; 0.34A
  • Wattage; 84W
  • Airflow; 793 m3/h (with filter in place)
  • Noise level; 71DB (the same as the average HVLP noise volume, so no added noise to your treatment room)
  • Colour; Gloss black



How to maintain your extraction unit

Regularly wash your filters to ensure adequate airflow

Extractors work by a fan, pulling the air and spraying tan particles towards the filter. The fan sits behind the filter, so to be efficient, the filter must be free of spray tan for the air to be sucked towards the fan.

Cleaning the filter should be carried out at the end of every day.

Make sure you wash your filter with tepid water (never hot). This is because most filters are made of foam or plastic, and boiling water will melt whatever material it’s made from.

Don’t cover the filter.

Explain to your staff and clients that the spray tan extraction unit should never be covered with clothes or towels. If the machine is covered with a material, the airflow will be inhibited, which could either reduce the unit’s effectiveness or overheat it.

Other ways to reduce spray tan overspray

Too much spray tan over-spray in the air is a problem for the therapist and the customer, and although the effects of inhaling spray tan are unknown, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t have to worry. Our spray tanning salon uses a particular airbrush gun designed for precise application. For example, you wouldn’t spray an arm with the same wide spray pattern you would use on someone’s back because the excess spray tanning solution would be wasted. To rectify this, your therapist must dial their guns up or down depending on what area they spray, or the room will get misty soon.