Wedding Spray Tan: a bride’s guide

A Bride’s Ultimate Guide to Wedding Spray Tan success Orange skin, patchy blotches or white hands: tanning faux pas are a frequent occurrence in everyday life, but don’t let it happen on your wedding day and book a spray tan.  Surprisingly, even celebrities like Emily Blunt have self-tanning disasters before their wedding day. Do yourself […]

CACI Facial; How it works

CACI NON-Surgical Facelift: Proven to improve ageing skin on the 1st treatment Be amazed at the improvement of your skin with the CACI anti-ageing non-surgical Face Lift System. Reverse and prevent the signs of ageing with award-winning CACI micro-toning facial treatment. In this article: What is the CACI facial? How does it work? How many sessions do I need? […]

Salon Business Plan Template

To start a business plan, like anything else, it is essential to have a realistic working plan. A plan for your business, or business plan, is effectively a collection of your ideas, expectations for your salon, how you will do things and your forecast of how that will transpire. It is a written document describing […]

Tattoo Shop Names

Chest Tattoo

2023’s Most Rare Tattoo Parlour Name Ideas Creating a distinct and memorable name for your tattoo parlour is essential for any tattoo artist. Your tattoo shop’s brand should be embodied in the name, making it stand out from the competition and remain imprinted in customers’ minds.

How to make sugar wax at home

Let’s get cooking a DIY sugar wax at home Want easy at-home hair removal? Well, making your own sugar waxing might be a fun and inexpensive way to remove body hair at home using your stovetop or microwave. The main ingredients for making sugar wax are lemon, water and sugar; it is a reasonably low-effort […]

Sugar Wax

Everything you need to know about sugaring Sugaring wax is a sticky, golden substance that removes body hair effectively. This curious-looking product contains all-natural ingredients like honey, lemon, water, and, surprise, surprise, sugar!

Eyelash Quotes & Saying

Lash business managers can utilize creative marketing tools such as eye-catching captions for their salon’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters to increase the memorability of their lash business name. These captions can even be displayed on the salon’s wall for clients to read.

Eyebrow Business Names Ideas

The name of a business reflects what it stands for, and a name for your eyebrow business should follow this rule. A name which projects positive values and rolls off the tongue is key to your brow business being memorable.  Plucking (pun intended) a business name out of thin air can work well sometimes, but […]

Massage Parlour Business Names

Are you seeking a good name for your massage business that will capture the essence of your brand and be easy to remember?

Massage Quotes

As a massage therapist, self-care quotes are essential to share with clients. Customers are usually too busy wrapped up in the stresses of life to even think about taking time to de-stress. That is why seeing a massage quote about treating themselves may be the message they need to encourage them to take some much-needed […]

Eyebrow Quotes

Effective Eyebrow Quotes Do your loyal brow-aholics need a push into a shape, wax and tint by their favourite brow artist? If so, post one of these browspirational sayings. Take your pick of the following short and snappy brow quotes. 

Quotes About Nails

quotes about nails

Novel Nail Quotes Enjoy this sassy list of the best nail tech quotes and sayings encompassing gel polish, acrylic extensions and the classic manicure!

Skin Care Quotes & Sayings

skin care quotes for beauty salon social media use

Skin Pampering Quotes  Inspire your clients to invest in caring for their skin with some clever facial captions. These sayings could be used for basic, advanced or anti-ageing facials.

Spray Tanning Quotes & Sayings

Spray Tanning Quotes Need some catchy spray tan business slogans or solarium sunbed sayings for your Instagram or Facebook business page? Then check out this list of quirky, funny beauty salon quotes.

Hairdresser Quotes & Sayings

Hairdresser & Barber Quotes & Sayings Haircare quotes that will have your clients pre-booking their next 10 haircuts. Whether you dye, cut, style or apply extensions to hair, we can guarantee you’ll find some great advertising hairdresser quotes for your salon to ignite your clientele’s interest.

Barber Shop Names

Names for Barbering Business’ Picking a barber shop name can be good fun! Word of mouth is your best marketing tool, so choose a barber name that sticks with your customers! There is a story behind every barber’s name. A good business name projects the brand’s personality and the type of customer the business will […]

Hairdresser Salon Names

Business Names for your hair salon  Want to find a hairdresser name that stands out? Scour our inspirational list of unique and classy names for a hairdresser business. Want a step-by-step guide to choosing a business name for your hair salon? Then glance at our salon business name checklist to make things easier.

Make-up Artist Business Names

Often makeup artists will only be known by their full name, but if you are opening a salon specifically for make-up, here is a list of names for a makeup business.

Lash Business Names

Stand-out eyelash business names for your salon Choosing a lash business name is vital to establishing your salon’s beauty industry identity. Consider what kind of treatments you perform and what type of customer you are trying to attract before you pick a lash business name.

Salon Business

Health & Safety in Beauty Salons Health and safety rules and regulations are procedures to prevent accidents or injuries in your salon. Infection prevention and control is just one area of health and safety employers legally must manage in the workplace. Top Selling Retail For Beauty Salons Are overstocked dusty bottles not shifting? Are there […]

How to get it gel nail polish off

Removing gel nail polish quickly, safely and effectively Ok, so it’s time for your gel polish to come off. You undoubtedly foresee a daunting task ahead of you, but we PROMISE it will be quick and easy if you follow these DIY instructions on how to remove gel nail polish effectively.

Spray tanning for men – All your questions answered

Spray tanning for men; how to do it and why you ABSOLUTELY should Are you a man tan sceptic? Fear no more. We have spray-tanned tonnes of terrified men and aim to let you know EVERYTHING about fake tanning for men.

Beauty Salon Business Names (Creative & Unique)

It’s time to name your beauty salon! Read our list of catchy, creative, unique business names for a beauty salon. Beauty salon name generators? Forget them. They are too random in nature. Our hand-selected inventive business names have been divided into sections relating to different treatments and branding styles. Please take note of our step-by-step […]

How to spray tan hands & feet; the right way

Un-even, over-done or ghostly tan hands and feet got your clients in a tizzy? Then this tutorial will tell you how to spray tan hands and feet correctly. If it goes wrong, don’t threaten. You can fix it! Spray tanning hands and feet are tricky, and that’s why it’s one of the most common complaints […]

Can I Shave Before & After Spray Tanning?

Shaving is a common way to remove your body hair, but can you do it before and after a spray tan? The answer is yes. It would be best if you shaved before tanning, and you can shave after spray tanning, but it depends on a few factors. Scroll through this guide to assess whether […]

Top Selling Beauty Salon Products

Overstocked dusty bottles not shifting? Are there dusty bottles sitting in your beauty salon as you read this article, are the sales of your beauty salon’s retail products few and far between? If the answer is yes, don’t worry, we all make the mistake of buying a product, and sometimes too much of it. Don’t […]

How to set up a spray tanning business

Guide to setting up a spray tan business My name’s Caroline, and I have done over 26,000 spray tans in the five years of my beauty career; I am excited to share my advice for you about setting up your mobile, at-home or salon-based spray tan company. I started my mobile spray tanning business and […]

Best Spray Tan For Pale Skin

What Is The Best Spray Tan For Pale Skin? The invite’s in, you’ve got your dress, your makeup booked and now you’re looking at your pale pins next to the colour of your new dress but something is missing. You’ve guessed it, you need a spray tan booked pronto!

7 Reasons Why Your Lash Lifts Don’t Work

Discover 7 Reasons Why Your Lash Lift Does Not Produce Desired Results Lash lifting has been and continues to be one of the most popular treatments of 2021, and it is profitable when you do it right. Undoubtedly, this treatment is top-notch, but we have heard first-hand that many lash technicians still have mixed results […]

When To Shower After a Spray Tan

Wondering when to shower after a spray tan? We’ve got you.  Does your colour guide look too dark, and you’re panicking that you will turn out exactly like that colour? To answer that question about when you can wash off a spray tan, it depends on the spray tan you applied at the salon. By […]

Australian Gold Spray Tan Review

Australian Gold spray tan is one of the most popular and well-known spray tan solutions in the world because it its natural, golden tones.

Chrome Nails

Chrome nails, mirror nails, metallic nails or rainbow nails, whatever you want to call them, chromed claws are taking over nail salons!

Can I wear Jeans after a spray tan?

If you want to avoid lighter legs and a seam line on your inner thigh and ankle, then no, you cannot wear jeans after a spray tan. Don’t panic, we will tell you how to fix it!

The Bronzie

The Bronzie; The perfect post-spray tan outfit If you anything like us and our customers, the words ‘Spray Tan Bronzie’ probably intrigue you considerably. Describing precisely what ‘The Bronzie’ is to my clients this week was extremely enjoyable.

How long do spray tans last?

If you are anything like us, you will want your spray tan to last as long as possible. There’s nothing better than being sprayed every week with a fresh spray tan. That’s why you want your tan to last at least a week, but you also want it to fade evenly and come off easily.

Taking Your Last Spray Tan Off

My last spray tan inspired me to write this post about taking your last spray tan off so a fresh one can go on. I tried a new spray tan brand as a trial last week and I just couldn’t wait to get it off my skin!

Spray tan extractor fans

Spray tan extractor fans; how to pick the best for your salon Spray tan extractor fans are designed to pull aerosol particles towards a filter by a powerful fan, clearing the air. Spray tan over-spray is the excess solution that hasn’t hit the skin and floats in the air during treatment. It isn’t the worst […]

Suntana Spray Tan Review

At Tropicoco we stick to one brand as we feel that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting a gorgeous colour that’s even and long-lasting.

Moroccan Nights Spray Tan Review

We gave the much talked about ‘Moroccan Nights’ (15%) a whirl and gave this spray tan 5 out of 5. However, there are a few points you should take note of before settling your sights on this product.

How to get clients to review your salon

Help you understand what your clients enjoy most about your salon services Sign up for ‘Google My Business’ If you have a ‘Google my Business’ profile, not only will potential clients be able to find you on search engines, there is a little secret I can let you in on to increase your reviews too.

Spray Tanning Booths

There are two ways to get bronzed in a spray tan booth in Glasgow. One way is to enter an automated booth machine that sprays your entire body with mist, the other way is to have your colour applied by a spray tanning therapist using an airbrush gun.

Rapid, Express, Fast & 1-hour Spray Tans Explained

Does the 1-hour tan work? Yes, rapid tans work well and sometimes too well, depending on the brand. The ‘Express’, ‘Rapid’ or the ‘1 Hour’ tan is the latest tanning technology. The following guide will advise you on the ‘Rapid Tan’ aspects.

How to make your spray tan last longer

We all feel that cloak of confidence drape over us as soon we have our spray tan on, that’s why we want to tell you how to keep that just sprayed feeling for longer!

Spray Tan Eraser

It may not be a big deal to everyone, but some of us really care about having an even, long-lasting glow all year long! The ‘Tan Eraser Mitt’ is the answer to your prayers. It’s the easiest and fastest way to prepare for your tan and get rid of excess tan after it has faded.

Spray Tan Contouring

Spray tan contouring is fast becoming the most popular way to lose inches in a matter of minutes! Kim Kardashian’s famous selfie of ‘before and after contouring’  made this make-up technique go viral, and we can see why!