Chrome Nails

Silver Chrome
Silver Shellac With One Holographic Chrome Accent Nail

Chrome nails, mirror nails, metallic nails or rainbow nails, whatever you want to call them, chromed claws are taking over nail salons in Glasgow right now! This professional nail powder can can be applied over acrylics or Shellac giving you super shiny metallic nails  that impress.

Can chrome nails be applied over any colour?

Chrome nails can be applied over any colour and will have a similar hue to the chosen colour placed underneath it. For instance, if your Shellac is pink and chrome powder is applied over it, the chrome will have pinkish hues.

Can chrome nails be applied over normal nail varnish?

red chrome nailsUnfortunately chrome nail powder can’t be applied over normal nail varnish, only over Shellac or other similar gel polishes. This is because the chrome powder can only stay on the sticky layer Shellac creates after curing in the lamp.

Do chrome nails last as long as ordinary nails?

Thankfully there is absolutely no difference in the lasting power of chrome nails and normal Shellac nails.