Eyebrow Business Names Ideas

The name of a business reflects what it stands for, and a name for your eyebrow business should follow this rule.

A name which projects positive values and rolls off the tongue is key to your brow business being memorable. 

Plucking (pun intended) a business name out of thin air can work well sometimes, but even the most arbitrary names derive from a bright idea.

Consider ‘Naf!’ nails in Scotland. Some might think that name is a totally random word picked out of the sky; however, ‘naf’ means ‘in poor taste’, usually referring to something vulgar or unfashionable. However, as a Scottish term, the word Naf isn’t used as harshly as that, but perhaps a term used to describe a set of nails that are wild or ludicrous.

NAF! is now a highly successful salon business, and their good work was no doubt spread by word-of-mouth. What better way to enhance word-of-mouth custom than by having a quirky name that people remember?

HD Brows and micro blading tattoo studios are booming since achieving the power brow is popular. That is why it is so important to fixate your busy mind on finding the ideal eyebrow business name for the next few days, and we can help you figure it all out.

Start by looking at our extensive guide to picking a salon name: Choosing a salon name, and scroll through our list of unique brow boss business names.

Now it’s time to decide what category your eyebrow brand fits into. Will your brow bar be for the busy city chick or chap? Then perhaps a modern name may suit, especially if the decor is minimalist.

Modern & on-trend

  • Sculpt
  • Brow Loft
  • Studio Pro
  • Hi Brow
  • I-Brow
  • Arc
  • Brow Society
  • Plucked
  • I-VOKE
  • Brow Space
  • High Def
  • Brow Den
  • Carve
  • Brow Lounge
  • Bespoke Brows
  • Ibrows
  • Brow Worx
  • Brow Hub
  • Now Brow
  • B-Bold
  • The Brow Club

Elegant & Classy

  • Bijoux
  • Divinely Defined
  • Niche
  • Eyelure
  • My Brow
  • Brows Noir
  • Eye-dylic
  • Aurora
  • Brow Bella
  • Brow Bliss
  • Brow Retreat
  • Bombshell
  • Eyevoke
  • Vanilla
  • Pixie
  • Brow Perfection
  • Tip-top
  • Doll Face

Smart & Sassy

  • Million Dollar Brows
  • A Brow Above
  • Boss Brows
  • Brow Envy
  • Brow Boss
  • Define
  • Maxi Brow
  • Glam Brow
  • Shape Up
  • The Brow Lady
  • Eyeconic
  • Brow Day
  • Brow Rehab
  • Brow Down
  • Meow Brows
  • Brow Master
  • Brow Barbie
  • Brow Cow
  • Model Brows
  • Perfect Arch
  • Brow Mantra
  • Buff Brows
  • Born to Brow
  • Brow Queen