13 Typical Spray Tan Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Spray Tanning 

What do I need to do before my treatment?

Please see this page on prep advice: Click here

How long does a Tropicoco tan last?

The brand of solution that we use lasts 1 week.

Will I be orange?

We use a premium tanning solution which means we can guarantee no orange tones which you can see in our gallery. Cheaper solutions means cheaper ingredients, therefore the DHA (What turns you brown) is low grade which results in an orange spray tan.

How dark will I be?

Only as dark as you want to be. Before your spray tan we will discuss wither your skin type would suit a light, medium, dark or extra dark spray tan.

What should I wear after my treatment?

Wear lose, dark clothing to prevent any lines being made on your body by tight clothing like leggings or skinny jeans. Glasgow’s weather is unpredictable so bring a long sleeved rain coat and boots if you can. We have plastic ponchos if you need them.

How long will the treatment take?

A spray tan will take 15 minutes

Will I moisturise before my tan is applied?

No, some moistuisers may create a barrier which will come between your skin and the solution. We will always moisturise your knees, elbows, heels and hands before application. These areas will still be as tanned as the rest of your body, but our special moisturiser will prevent the tan from clinging to your most dry areas.

Does spray tan stop me from getting a tan or sunburn?

No, spray tan reacts with the DHA turning your skin brown, therefore there is no ‘layer’ that prevents the sun tanning or burning you. A non oily sun cream should always be worn after a spray tan if you are sun bathing.

How does spray tan work?

The active ingredient DHA reacts with your skin to produce your tan. The proteins in the top layer of your skin cells react with the DHA and this causes the cosmetic tan effect – the skin changes to a golden brown colouring (as dark as you choose and depending on your skin type) which looks just like a a natural tan.

How can I get my old tan off to get a new one on?

Some of our clients come in every week. To prevent build up they want their old tan off in time for their new tan the next day. The easiest way to do this is to put body oil on for as long as possible, go for a long shower or bath and exfoliate with scrub, a loofa or the best way to get rid of excess tan is by using the ‘Tan Eraser’.

I’m pregnant, can I have a spray tan?

Just like all other beauty salon treatments such as massage or waxing, you aren’t allowed to get a spray tan before your first trimester is complete. After your first trimester you will be able to have a spray tan again.

What is a colour guide?

Spray tanning solution is actually clear, but added to it so your therapist can see where they are spraying, is a brown tint. This washes off your skin in the shower after you have waited the full development time.

Can spray tanning be done when I have make-up on?

Yes, but it’s best to take it off with soap and water before your spray tan. This is because make-up will make a barrier which means the tanning solution will not take to your face well. If you have make-up professionally applied and still want to get your spray tan done, you could ask your therapist to avoid spraying your face or to just light spray it.