HD Brows; Before and After

Curious about what HD Brows look like before and after? The world’s most popular brow treatment, ‘HD Brows, ‘ gives eyebrows a better shape and body.

With brows that frame your eyes and raise the rest of your features, it has to be an essential part of your beauty regime.

It’s important to get an idea of what real-life clients look like before their treatment and the after results. Eyebrow tint and shaping can last up to 8 weeks after all.

Here’s everything you need to get acquainted with HD Brows before and after.

In this article:

  1. Blonde

  2. Brunette

  3. Black

  4. Red/Auburn

  5. Laminated Eyebrows

  6. Sparse & Thin


Blondes are often concerned about the HD brow treatment, and it’s no mystery why.

If you have blonde hair, an overpowering brow tint job can leave you with a harsh contrast between your light hair and dark eyebrows, often giving people a stern look. However, if you’ve got fair hair or your brows are sparse, a dark blonde tint will give them some structure and body.

Thankfully you can keep your blonde eyebrows as natural with the HD Brow tint range. as possible, as there are eyebrow dyes that will match your hair colour and give you the thick eyebrows you desire after an HD brow treatment.

The colour you want to use on your client is the HD Brow tint in ‘Light Brown’.


The high-definition before and after pictures clearly show the crisp brow shape you can achieve with the HD Brow tint. Tinting the eyebrow hairs before waxing them into shape allows you to see every hair and its full potential.

Brunettes will usually look best one or two shades darker than their natural shade.

The HD Brow tint range includes light brown, dark brown and ash; this allows you to mix a custom shade for your client. Mixing light and dark brown will give you a medium brown, and mixing ash with any shade will give you a ‘cooler’ result.

Raven Black

Red & Auburn

The HD Brow range does not include a red coloured tint; the brand’s brown shades have warm red hues for redheads.

Brunettes will apply the brown tint to their brows, but an ash tint is mixed to neutralise red tones.


BrowSculpt is the HD Brows trade name for brow lamination with a bespoke twist.

Brow lamination is taming hairs via a two-step perming treatment; a relaxer is applied, then the perm solution.

With the BrowSculpt lamination, brows lacking symmetry can benefit from this corrective treatment for up to 6 weeks.

Do you know those rogue stragglers found at the head of the brow? Well, those unruly hairs can be tamed with HD Brow Sculpt too.

Lasting around 6 to 8 weeks, eyebrow lamination could be your answer to pushing flat brows upwards for more volume as well as making each hair look more uniform.

Sparse & Thin

Overplucked brows were the fashion in the ’90s. Think Pamela Anderson, Janet Jackson and Drew Barrymore, the queens of the thin eyebrow.

It’s no surprise that thicker brows frame the face and make your eyes pop; not only that, a study by the Journal of Frontiers in Psychology suggests that people with prominent eyebrows are perceived as younger.

If you want to look younger, an HD brow re-growth regime is where to start.

Overplucking your eyebrows is a habit, especially if you have a busy schedule.

It’s tempting to pluck them out when you start to see those first stragglers grow in. As an HD Brow artist, I would go to the extremes of confiscating my client’s tweezers.

You can use many amazing HD Brow products to fill your brows during the regrowth period. Adding a hair stroke or two between the empty spaces will all be worth it in the long run, trust me.