How to make your spray tan last longer

We all feel that cloak of confidence drape over us as soon we have our spray tan on, that’s why we want to tell you how to keep that just sprayed feeling for longer!

At Tropicoco salon we only use the highest grade of spray tan solution for our customers, this means that we can guarantee that your spray tan will last at least one week. There are, however, several tips we can give you to keep it even longer.

1) Avoid oil-based moisturisers & sun tan lotions

Before we started spray tanning we also thought that oil would make our skin more moisturised, and therefore our tans would stay for longer, but we  couldn’t of been more wrong! Oil actually lifts spray tan from your skin causing it to come off quicker and it can make it patchy. Stick to a moisturiser that is free from oil and perfumes to obtain your tan.

2) Avoid getting sunburn

Getting a spray tan in Glasgow does have it’s benefits! We can avoid the sun easily in this country but make sure to avoid sun beds and if your going on holiday after a spray tan, wear a high SPF sun tan lotion and stay in the shade as much as possible. Sun burn causes the skin to peel, which means your tan will peal off with it!

3) Take quick baths & showers

Try to take quicker baths and showers after a spray tan. The reason for this is that when skin absorbs water, it softens the skin and makes it peel more easily. When you come out of your bath or shower, make sure you pat your skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing it dry.

4) Exfoliate before your spray tan treatment

Preparing for your spray tan is the best way to ensure you keep it for a long time. Ridding your skin of dead skin cells before your tan is applied, means that you are letting the tan sit on your new skin cells instead of the old ones that are soon to peel off. You can see more about spray tan preparation on this page: Click here