How to tell your make-up artist what you want

Make-up Artist in Glasgow

What do you associate “make-up in Glasgow” with? Glasgow people would describe us as a culture that transforms from the ‘little effort as possible look’ when we trudge to work in wet weather, to a jaw dropping full glam look if were heading out in town. 

The question is, do all Glasgow woman revel in strobe like highlighter and cut creases? The answer is probably yes and that’s great, but there are more make-up looks out there that Glasgow woman like, so if your stuck on what to ask your MUA for, take a look at our Make-up guide.


Full Glam 

This look would be considered ‘full glam’. Heavy contouring, eye-catching highlighter, heavy eye-make-up or lip colour with thick liner, heavily defined and elongated brows and almost always lashes are added for complete look.


Soft Glam

Think Rihanna, Kim Kardashian or Irina Shayk. The soft glam look is basically a make-up look that emphasizes your natural beauty, but being a bit “extra” too. This type of makeup style usually includes a nude or nude brown lip which can be matte or gloss. Flawless face makeup with contouring. Although the contour is apparent, it is blended so well that it almost looks like those cheek bones are actually yours. Highlighter can be included, but shouldn’t be heavy. Eye makeup is usually consists of browns, creams, bronzes, warm pinks, peaches or oranges. Liner shouldn’t be as heavy, lashes can be added and brows should be defined yet fluffy to give a more natural look.

Pin-up or Retro 

Pin-up or the retro look can be kept classic, or it can be modernised mattes lipstick or highlighter. With the pin up look, traditionally the paler you skin is, the better, but you don’t actually have to have pale skin for this look, it can look just as good with a bit of bronzer! Flawless, doll like complexion is a must have, along with eyeliner, long lashes, bold coloured lips and perhaps a beauty spot for the ultimate Munroe look.

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