How to treat a wax burn

Waxing is an excellent solution for eliminating unwanted body hair; however, like many beauty treatments, there are some drawbacks if you are not cautious.

One of the potential risks associated with waxing is the possibility of burns when the wax applied to the skin is too hot. This can lead to intense pain, irritation, and visible blemishes.

If you’ve experienced a wax burn, there are a few things you can do to help the healing process begin:

How long do wax burns last?

Minor burns caused by waxing can take one to two weeks to fully heal.

Those with sensitive skin may experience lingering discolouration, lasting slightly longer than the healing process.

Hot or cold wax strips are treated similarly. However, getting hot wax done at a professional salon is recommended to ensure the temperature is regulated correctly and not too damaging to the skin.

Prevention tips

You can prevent wax burns altogether by having a sugaring wax treatment instead or by following these steps:

Temperature check

Always check your wax pot’s temperature dial before using the wax. Remember that the less wax in your pot, the lower your wax pot’s temperature needs to be.

Don’t let the amount of wax in your pot reach less than a quarter full, as a smaller volume will reach higher temperatures when heated.

For a half-full pot, you will want to set the temperature to around 75 degrees after melting it at the max. If you have a full pot, 85 degrees will be more suitable.

Test Patch

Apply a small amount of wax to your wrist to test the temperature before waxing large areas.

Risk assessment of the skin

Avoid waxing if you have a sunburn, abrasions or wounds, or have been using retinoids or chemical peels or taking skin-thinning medications such as steroids or medication for acne.