IBX Nail Treatment For Damaged Nails

IBX; say goodbye to damaged nails

The IBX nail treatment is a nail strengthening product to toughen, strengthen, smooth and protect your nails, allowing them to grow long and strong.

What is IBX nail treatment?

I B X is the ultimate nail repair product. A professional natural nail treatment that helps improve nail growth strengthens the nail plate and protects nails against gel polish damage.

Perfect for nails that are:

  • dry and flaky
  • brittle which chip
  • weak, bendy, paper-thin and soft
  • Chalky with white patches

How the IBX nail treatment works

IBX is absolutely one of the best nail strengthening products because it’s designed to fix and prevent nail delamination. Delamination is a word to describe nails that are peeling and have a separation of the layers of the nail plate.

The IBX nail treatment is a toughening agent that penetrates and fuses the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate durability. The IBX SYSTEM adds a protective shield INTO the nail plate to protect it from the removal process and to have it on natural nails.

This product truly is the best treatment for damaged nails because IBX penetrates the upper layers of the nail and cross-links inside the nail to itself, creating an Interpenetrating Polymer Network.

The cross-linking feature of the IBX system has proven to be the best treatment for splitting nails.

Damaged nails caused by peeling off gel nails. Nails like these can be repaired with the IBX treatment.

Acetone won’t Remove It – That Means Constant Protection 

“Reverse the effects of cleaning products and prolonged acrylic use”.

Acetone-damaged nails are usually brittle, dry and chalky white. The IBX is, therefore, a highly effective brittle nail treatment.

Protect your nails from acetone: Acetone is the solution that soaks off gel nails safely but can cause the nail plate to become drier and, therefore, more brittle. The IBX layers will protect your nails from the drying effects of acetone and keep the nail plate healthy and more robust.

During an IBX nail strengthening treatment, an IBX nail treatment takes 15 minutes on the first session to start the repair with two layers. The nail polish solution needs to be infused under a heat lamp into the nail plate. It is recommended to get IBX on every gel polish treatment to protect the nails; this takes 5 minutes extra.

IBX before gel manicure

The IBX nail system is designed to be applied with or without gel”.

Make sure you shape the nail before applying the IBX for its full effects. However, run the file over the nail’s free edge after you have finished the IBX treatment.

You can now do your gel manicure or acrylic preparation, such as buffing, roughing up the nail, cleansing, and using a dehydrator or primer for acrylics.

Nail treatment after gel removal

The IBX system is designed to strengthen nails, so it is the ideal product to have applied if you have had some damage from gel removal.

Consistent application and removal of gel or acrylic nails will eventually negatively affect the nail’s integrity. IBX is the perfect IBX brittle nail treatment after gel removal because it will hold the nail plate together.

If your nails are paper-thin from the damage after gel or acrylic removal, our advice would be to cut the nails short and apply IBX without re-applying gel or acrylic. Buffing (which is required for any nail application) will cause further damage to the nail plate and could be quite painful.

How much is the IBX nail treatment

£10 for the first application

£5 for the proceeding

How often should I use IBX?

IBX should be used once every 2-3 weeks. IBX should not be applied every week.

Will it work for splitting nails?

The product will prevent future nail splitting, but it will not be able to fuse already split nail protein together. Thankfully, your nail technician can apply IBX and then fix the splitting nail with nail glue.

IBX instructions

Before you start IBX preparation, you will need the following:

  • A nail polish dryer set to warm or a basic table lamp with a 75-100 watt bulb held 6-8 inches away.
  • UV or Led nail lamp
  • Nail cleanser
  • Lint-free pads

Step 1 

  • file and shape the nail prior to application (do not buff/rough up the nail yet)
  • cleanse the nail plate with your preferred nail cleanser
  • apply a thin layer of ‘repair.’
  • heat for 1 minute
  • blot with a lint-free pad removing excess from the surface
  • cure with LED or UV lamp for the same amount of time your lamp cures gel polish colour coat
  • cleanse with a nail cleanser

Step 2

On a client’s first application of IBX, the product will need to be applied twice.

  • shake the bottle and apply a thin layer over the nail plate
  • heat for 4 minutes
  • blot with a lint-free pad removing excess from the surface
  • cure with LED or UV lamp for the same amount of time your lamp cures gel polish colour coat
  • cleanse with a nail cleanser

Step 3

  • repeat step 2, except only heat the nail for 2 minutes.

You can now complete a natural nail manicure, gel or acrylic manicure.

Please note that IBX does not replace your gel nail basecoat.

How to buy the IBX nail system

To buy the IBX nail system, you must be trained in nail treatments, e.g. gel nails, acrylic nails or manicures. Qualifying will allow you to purchase the kit in a professional, trade-only shop.

Most beauty trade companies will request a copy of your certificate to be able to purchase their stock. This is to protect the public from potentially dangerous equipment and chemicals they aren’t trained to use.

Usually, once your certificate of training is uploaded, it will need to be approved and only then will you be able to buy IBX nail treatment online.

IBX and Onycholysis

Onycholysis is when the nail separates from the nail bed. It can be an indication of injury, infection or chemical damage to the nail plate.
IBX treatment could help Onycholysis as it improves nail plate integrity. Here is one case of Onycholysis that was fixed by the IBX treatment.
Please note that Onycholysis should be seen by your doctor before seeking IBX treatment. Usually, a doctor will take a sample from the nail to help resolve your issue.

and finally. . . does IBX work?

I have used IBX for half a year, and you can really feel and see the difference. My nails are less bendy, and my gel polish lasts a lot longer. However, like any beauty treatment, you really need to keep getting the IBX treatment applied every time you get your gel nails re-applied.

There are also a few other tips that I will give you to make sure the IBX nail treatment works at its best:

  • Always remove your gel or acrylic nails with acetone
  • Use acetone that is less harsh on your nails (try the brand ‘artistic colour gloss’)
  • Don’t peel or pick your nails
  • Don’t do activities or cleaning that will cause your nails to the chip (chipping takes the nail plate with it)
  • opt for an infill of gel or acrylic instead of soaking off your nails.

So if you think gel polish has ruined your nails, or perhaps your job has an adverse effect on your nail health, then IBX is definitely something you should ask for at your next nail appointment. It really is the best treatment for adding strength to your nails.