IBX Nail Treatment

The IBX nail treatment is a nail strengthening product applied to the nail plate to toughen, strengthen, smooth and protect your nails and allow them to grow long and strong. 

Say Goodbye to Dry, Weak, Brittle, Cracked & Peeling Nails


Protect Your Nails From Future Damage 

How the IBX nail treatment works

Beauty salons are introducing the IBX nail treatment as it is a toughening agent that penetrates and fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate durability. The IBX SYSTEM adds a protective shield INTO the nail plate to protect it from the removal process as well as having it on natural nails.

Acetone Wont Remove It – That Means Constant Protection 

Protect your nails from acetone: Acetone is the solution that soaks off gel nails safely, but can cause the nail plate to become drier and therefore more brittle. The IBX layers will protect your nails from the drying affects of acetone and will keep the nail plate healthy and stronger.

Reverse The Affects of Cleaning Products & Prolonged Acrylic Nails

What happens during an IBX nail strengthening treatment

An IBX nail treatment takes 15 minutes on the first session in order to start the repair with two layers. The nail polish solution needs to infuse in the nail plate under a heat lamp. It is recommended to get IBX on every gel polish treatment to protect the nails and this take 5 minutes extra.

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