Moroccan Nights Spray Tan Review

We are always trying out new brands to discover more and more about the spray tanning industry, that’s why last week we trialled the much talked about ‘Moroccan Nights’ tan in 15%.

Morrocan Spray Tan ReviewWhat makes this product stand out?

From taking a look at the Moroccan tan blog, we couldn’t wait to buy a bottle of Moroccan Nights 15% solution to trial. Enriched with Argan oil, the company that produces this brand believes this oil restores skins moisture, resulting in a perfect, long lasting spray tan. With rose-hip oil added and absolutely no alcohol in the ingredients list, this spray tan claims to be completely anti-drying which is necessary for a long lasting tan.

DermalLock technology

The solution has DermalLock technology in it, ensuring a protective barrier is kept on your skin for longer , allowing key ingredients to properly absorb into your skin for a deeper, even glow.

Firming and toning technology

As if getting a spray tan didn’t boost your confidence enough, this bronzer has caffeine, vitamins and O2 added to it achieving firmer, younger skin.

Base Tones

After spraying this tan on, we noticed it was different from most brands. Firstly, the mist was very dry which we thought was fantastic for client drying time. Secondly, it was a completely different tone from any other colour guide we had seen before. The colour guide is a deep ashy brown due to the violet bronzers added to the solution. We gathered that much like violet hair toners that neutrilise brassy, orange hair, this tan worked the same way by using purple to eliminate all orange hues from the skin. St. Tropez spray tan has an olive under tone and Vita Liberata has a caramel tone. 

How dark is it?

What most of us Glasgow girls want to know, how dark am I going to be? The Moroccan Nights tan is only suitable for girls who want to be dark, so stay clear if you only want a light to medium colour. We love how dark this is, but it’s not every ones cup of tea!


Not a hint of biscuit was smelled during application and after the development time was over. We reckon it is a honey scent in this tan, which is definitely a good mood lifter!

Good Points
  • Perfect for people who like a deep, brown tan
  • Gorgeous colour and absolutely no orange tones
  • Dry mist ensures clients can dress quicker
  • Colour lock technology ensures your tan is protected during development time
  • Refreshing scent
  • Long lasting
Feedback from clients

There are so many great things about this tanning brand, but there are a few things our clients said could of been better.

  • The colour guide is quite dark – If you like being dark (which you obviously do if you want this tan) then you will have no problem leaving the salon as it looks natural, but do expect to leave looking dark.
  • Only suitable for clients with few blemishes – Some clients who wanted to try it felt that the colour made their blemishes stand out too much.


Advice for using this tan
  • Wear dark, loose clothing as the colour guide is dark
  • Preparation is essential for this type of tan because it it so dark
  • Moisturise daily with a non oily cream