How to prepare for a spray tan

Spray tans will look great and stay on longer if you follow our guide to spray tan preparation.

  • Keep your skin clear of oils, moisturisers, perfumes, make-up or anything else that may create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution.
  • Absolutely no leggings or skinny jeans to be worn after your treatment as this will cause a seam line. Bring dark, loose clothing that covers your entire body in case of rain. It would be a good idea to wear loosened trainers with fluffy pyjama socks as tight socks may rub your tan off. 
  • Bring a long sleeved jacket with a hood. We are in Glasgow after all!
  • Exfoliate with either a mitt such as the “Tan Eraser” (We stock these @ £6), a loofa or an exfoliating body cream
  • All hair removal should preferably be done the night before e.g. waxing, shaving or epilating
  • Please refrain from any sunbathing for at least 24 hours before your spray tan is applied
  • You can wear whatever you want during your treatment. Some people wear pants with no bra, some people go nude and some people wear a full swimsuit, it’s entirely up to you!
  • Before your treatment, we will discuss what colour of spray tan you should get for your skin type
  • Don’t be shy! Please keep in mind that we have spray-tanned so many people and besides, we are too busy concentrating on making your tan perfect anyhow!

Don’t let clingy clothes and bad weather ruin your spray tan! It’s so important to leave our spray tanning salon with a loose, protective post-tan outfit to keep your well earned spray tan looking fabulous. Take advice from this post and you won’t have to walk about Glasgow in your pyjamas or your Dad’s gym clothes to keep your tan on!

At a Glance 
What not to wear
  • Leggings
  • Tights
  • Tight Jeans
  • Clothes with tight sleeves
  • Bra or bra with straps
  • Leather
  • Boots
  • Flip Flops
  • Pumps
  • Jewellery
What to wear
  • A long-sleeved, dark, loose t-shirt or jumper that’s a bit lose at the sleeves
  • Slightly baggy trousers or tracksuit bottom that covers your legs entirely (adjustable tie preferable)
  • Trainers or plimsolls with laces that can be widened if needed
  • Waterproof, long-sleeved coat with a hood
  • Bring an umbrella just in case
Some extra advice
The Top

A loose, long-sleeved top is essential after a spray tan so the tan doesn’t rub off easily if the top is too tight on your body. Loose wristed sleeves are best too so no lines are created at the wrist. It’s also best to tuck your top into your trousers, in order to stop the top of the trousers rubbing against your skin as you walk.

The bottoms

Jeans, tights and leggings are an absolute no-no when it comes to tanning. Although leggings seem stretchy, it’s actually the seam of the leggings that can cause a problem. On jeans and leggings, there will almost always be a seam line down the inner and outer side of the thigh which makes the tan gather and become darker. This results in a darker brown line all the way down the thighs which isn’t the best look!

Tights are the lesser of those two tanning evils, but they will still cling to the skin which may rub off tan, causing your legs to be slightly lighter than the rest of your body.

Slightly baggy work trousers, tracksuit bottoms or harem pants are ideal to bring along to your appointment, especially ones that can be adjusted with ties. It’s important that they go all the way down your leg so that you are protected from rain or puddle splashing.


We are in Glasgow, which means we have unpredictable weather. Therefore a long-sleeved jacket with a hood will protect you from the rain as droplets of water hitting your spray tan can ruin it. Loose gloves may also be a good idea if the weather is very bad.

If your wearing a bag make sure you don’t carry it on your shoulder or your arm in case this makes lines.


Boots are great for avoiding splashes from the rain but they can cause rubbing all around the ankles. Ballet pumps can cause rubbing around the sides of the feet and don’t sufficiently cover your feet to protect them from the rain.

From our experience, it’s best to wear trainers or plimsolls after a spray tan as you can adjust these types of footwear to prevent tan rubbing off.

Other notes
  • Park close, get a taxi or get someone to pick you up
  • We have disposable rain ponchos that we give away for free just in case you forget your coat
  • Avoid seat belt strap marks by keeping your coat on in the car