How Do Rapid Spray Tans Work?

Does the 1-hour tan work? Yes. Rapid tans do work very well and depending on the brand, sometimes too well.

The ‘Express’, ‘Rapid’ or the ‘1 Hour’ tan is the latest tanning technology. The following guide will advise you on the following aspects of the ‘Rapid Tan’.

  • What is the rapid tan?
  • In what way will the express tan benefit me?
  • When can I wash the rapid tan off?
  • What brand of rapid tan is the best?

Rapid spray tans were introduced for client’s who don’t have time to wait for the full 8-hour development of normal spray tans. This could be beneficial for a client who can’t make it into a beauty salon on weekdays due to a full-time job or children to look after. 

Spray tan derives from organic plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar canes and this is what reacts with the amino acids in the skin turning them brown. Express spray tans have a higher amount of sugars inside them, meaning they turn the surface layer of the skin brown in just one hour, getting darker as time goes on.

A quick rundown of the rapid tan

  • You can wash this tan off on the same day
  • You will get more tanned as the hours pass and will be developed fully in 9 hours
  • It’s best to get this type of tan as early as possible if you are going out on the same night, if not, you can get it any time
  • This tan is the same brand as our normal one and lasts just as well
  • You may seem lighter when you initially wash your tan off, but you will get darker as the day goes on

This tan is great for:

  • Last-minute nights out by getting a spray tan in the morning and going out later that night.
  • Clients who are going to work or on holiday early morning and want to wash it off on the same day
  • Clients who have plans later in the day and want to wash their tan off before doing them

General wash-off times for express spray tans 

Wash your rapid spray tan after:
  • 1-1.5 hours for extra light.
  • 1-2 hours for a light tan.
  • 2-3 hours for a medium tan.
  • 3-4 hours for a medium-dark.
  • 4-5 hours for a dark.
  • 5-9 hours for an extra dark.

The most effective rapid spray tan we have used on our clients:

Nouvatan’s ‘It’s About Time’ (20% DHA spray tan solution)

but I also love St.Tropez’s fast tan, Vita Liberata and Sienna-X’s ‘Tonight’s The Night’. However, I need to review

I love this 1-hour tan and I can guarantee it will work really well on any client. If your client likes it dark, get them to wear it for as long as possible and they will be tanned on the same night.

Even 30 mins with this rapid spray tan on and you will have a tan line after washing it off. Superb! FYI Nouvatan’s products can only be purchased on their website, but they do great deals on bulk buys. When it comes to retail products, it’s great that your clients can only buy them from you instead of just picking them up at their local drug store.

I also love this tan because Nouvatan gives you the option of a fragrance-free option, this means less alcohol in the product and no overpowering fragrance.

Sienna X’s ‘Tonights The Night’ (20% DHA spray tan solution)

I’ve only tried this spray tan a couple of times, but I was impressed because it worked really well and went really dark. I found it was similar darkness level to Nouvatan, but just differed in hue. You can buy this product in-salon services online or in their shop.

St. Tropez Express

This tan has a really fresh citrus smell which makes your client feel fantastic! It works well but takes longer to develop compared to Nouvatan and Sienna-X. It’s a good rapid tan for people who love a natural-looking glow. I would personally wear it for 6 hours minimum if I was going out that night. 

After you wash your rapid spray tan colour guide off after the desired hours, your tan will continue to develop even though it’s been washed off.

What our clients say:

“Always get the rapid tan, it works so well and it’s great that I can run errands after without damaging it”. Sandra T – Mindbody app, United Kingdom

“I tried the rapid tan this time and it turns out the exact same shade as my usual shade I pick at the salon. Great even coverage as usual”. Petra L – Mindbody app, United Kingdom

“I recommend all of my friends to Tropicoco – I swear by the rapid tan as I’ve got kids to tend to! I don’t mind getting either of the tans to be honest, but bathing the kids and going to the gym is easier when I can wash the tan off first” Angela R – Mindbody app, United Kingdom