Reducing Spray Tan Over-spray

a spray tan extractor booth from St.TropezAt Tropicoco spray tan studio in Glasgow, we are passionate about giving our customers a gorgeous natural tan without them breathing in excess spray tan solution. Spray tan over-spray is the excess solution which hasn’t hit the skin and it floats in the air during treatment. It isn’t the worst thing you could inhale, but we would rather not be breathing it in! 

Airbrush guns

Too much spray tan over-spray in the air is a problem for the therapist and the customer, and although the effects of inhaling spray tan are unknown, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t have to worry. That is why our spray tanning salon uses a special airbrush gun that’s designed for precise application. For example, you wouldn’t spray an arm with the same wide spray pattern you would use on someones back because the excess spray tanning solution would be wasted. To rectify this your therapist will have to turn their guns dial up or down depending on what area they are spraying or the room will get very misty very soon.

Extractor fans

Extractor fans are an absolute must for all spray tanning or beauty salons. The reason it’s illegal to not have an extractor fan is because scientists don’t know if inhaling excess spray tan is harmful or not. Therefore to make sure spray tanning remains safe, extractor fans are necessary to push mist away from the clients face and into an extraction unit.

The best type of extraction unit is exactly like like our very own which is a stand in booth. A spray tan booth where the client stands during treatment guarantees that air is push down over the client therefore removing excess mist from the air. This air is then sucked in the bottom of the booth.

Although pricey, a good extractor fan will suck almost all, if not all the excess spray tan solution from the air.