Spray tan extractor fans; how to pick the best for your salon

Spray tan extractor fans are designed to pull aerosol particles towards a filter by a powerful fan, clearing the air.

Spray tan over-spray is the excess solution that hasn’t hit the skin and floats in the air during treatment.

It isn’t the worst thing you could inhale, but we would not be breathing it in!

In this article: 

  1. What are spray tan extraction fans?
  2. Why are they so important?
  3. Specifications
  4. The best spray tan extractor units
  5. Cost
  6. How to maintain your extraction unit
  7. What else can I do to reduce spray tan overspray?

Spray tan extractor fans.

Spray tan extraction units are essential for all spray tanning or beauty salons.

The reason it’s illegal not to have an extractor fan is because scientists don’t know if inhaling excess spray tan is harmful. Therefore, to ensure spray tanning remains safe, extractor fans must push the mist away from the client’s face and into an extraction unit.

The best extraction unit is exactly like our very own, which is a stand-in booth from St. Tropez.

The St. Tropez spray tanning booth pushes airflow onto your client, directing the spray to the filter at the bottom of the unit. This filter can be lifted out and washed with tepid water occasionally.

A spray tan booth where the client stands during treatment guarantees that air is pushed down over the client, removing excess mist from the air. This air is then sucked into the bottom of the spray tan extraction booth.

Although pricey, a good extractor fan will suck almost all, if not all, the excess spray tan solution from the air.


Ensure the machine has the following specifications when purchasing an air extractor unit.


Over 750 m3/h

Airflow is the volume of air a fan moves per unit of time, usually expressed in cubic metres per hour M3/hr.

Noise level

Under 71DB

Noise level is measured in decibels (dB). The louder the noise, the higher the decibels.







The higher the wattage, the higher the power it takes to run the unit at total capacity. The higher the number, the more powerful and effective the machine.


A suitable spray tan extractor that meets all the specifications for safe tanning will be around the £100 mark.

The best spray tan extractor booths

I have used two types of extractor fans in my salon and found them both highly effective.

I initially bought the ‘Walking on Sunshine’ extractor booth.

A small but powerful extraction unit, the Aura has been excellent at keeping the air and booths clean.

I couldn’t find the original ‘Walking on Sunshine’ unit, so I researched for alternatives with the exact specifications and found that the Aura Extraction units were similar.




How to maintain your extraction unit

Regularly wash your filters to ensure adequate airflow

Extractors work by a fan, pulling the air and spraying tan particles towards the filter. The fan sits behind the filter, so to be efficient, the filter must be free of spray tan for the air to be sucked towards the fan.

Cleaning the filter should be carried out at the end of every day.

Make sure you wash your filter with tepid water (never hot). This is because most filters are made of foam or plastic, and boiling water will melt whatever material it’s made from.

Don’t cover the filter.

Explain to your staff and clients that the spray tan extraction unit should never be covered with clothes or towels. If the machine is covered with a material, the airflow will be inhibited, which could either reduce the unit’s effectiveness or overheat it.

Other ways to reduce spray tan overspray

Too much spray tan over-spray in the air is a problem for the therapist and the customer, and although the effects of inhaling spray tan are unknown, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t have to worry. Our spray tanning salon uses a particular airbrush gun designed for precise application. For example, you wouldn’t spray an arm with the same wide spray pattern you would use on someone’s back because the excess spray tanning solution would be wasted. To rectify this, your therapist must dial their guns up or down depending on what area they spray, or the room will get misty soon.