Spray Tan Bronzie – Why Were In Love

Girls in the spray tan bronzie post tan

“The prefect post spray tan outfit”

If your anything like us and our customers, the words ‘Spray Tan Bronzie’ probably intrigue you a considerable amount. Describing exactly what ‘The Bronzie’ is to my clients this week was extremely enjoyable. There faces lit up when I told them about this wonderful product that is made specifically for a Glasgow girl on the go post spray tan. So let’s explain why we are so excited to stock ‘The Bronzie’ in the next couple of months. 

What’s it’s purpose?

The Bronzie is not only super stylish, it’s purpose is to protect your spray tan after you’ve been to a tanning salon. Our spray tanning salon in Glasgow is right in Glasgow city centre, so not everyone wants to leave in pyjamas or that onesie they got for Christmas. Exiting our tanning salon onto one of Glasgow’s busiest streets will be ideal if your in your Bronzie, because it’s just so stylish and comfortable.

“Made for tanning, loved for lounging”

Celebrity Fans

Stephanie Pratt from Made in Chelsea, Jess Wright and Gemma Collins From TOWIE and Vikki Patterson from Geordie Shore are just a few celebrities who have been spotted wearing the Bronzie post spray tan or just for comfort.

Why is the Bronzie so good?

The Material & Design

The Bronzie is a must have for spray tan addicts because it’s easy to wear, stylish and protects your spray tan for a better more even development.

So imagine this; You’ve just paid £20 for a St. Tropez Spray Tan and your tugging your arms and legs through a hoodie or skinny jeans. Now that can be a thing of the past as the Bronzie’s fabric is specifically designed to glide over your skin after your spray tan has been applied.

So why is this important? It’s important to us that you feel comfortable after your spray tan and tugging on clothes will just make you feel as if your ruining your tan. If tight clothes are continually rubbing against your skin, your tan may rub off and cause unevenness and even make your spray tan less dark after development.

As you can see from the diagram below, the Bronzie team has even made things extra easy for us by allowing you to step into your Bronzie due to it’s Asymmetric zip. This feature makes the garment open up wider than normal onesies, allowing you to step into it with minimal contact.

Discreet, breathable underarm mesh is another great addition to this spray tan outfit, because it lets the skin breath. If these weren’t a key feature in this outfit, you could sweat and cause your tan to run.

A diagram of how the spray tan bronzie works so well“The Bronzie is your style must have!”

Weather Proof

Another great thing about this onesie for tanning is that it covers your entire body and it even has a velour lined hood. This is a fabulous idea as Glasgow’s weather is so unpredictable meaning it can look dry but quickly change to a tan destroying down pour.


The spray tan Bronzie is loose in the areas that matter, but can be tightened at the waist to give a more flattering shape. Once in the wash, it also wont loose it’s shape or colour.

No Mess

With the Bronzie you no longer have to worry about ruining your favorite clothes, just pop your Bronzie on after your tan and wash it the next day. Staining your car seats, couch and bed covers are a thing of the past too because this outfit will cover your entire body.