Spray Tan Eraser

It may not be a big deal to everyone, but some of us really care about having an even, long-lasting glow all year long!

The ‘Tan Eraser Mitt’ is the answer to your prayers. It’s the easiest and fastest way to prepare for your tan and get rid of excess tan after it has faded.

Many of our clients are much like the Tropicoco team, TAN ADDICTS!  This means our frequent tanners come in every week to get a fresh tan for the weekend, so we needed to find something for them to make preparation much easier and the tan eraser does just that. It has two sides, one for light exfoliation and one to get a stubborn tan off.

We received samples and gave the ‘Tan Eraser’ to one of our best clients, a girl who wants to look her best for work, the gym and for the weekend. She comes in every week and needs her old tan off in a flash and her new one on for the weekend coming. This was her feedback:

“I’m a hostess in one of Glasgow’s best venues, so I need to look my best at the drop of a hat. When Caroline gave me the tan eraser to try I was sceptical as I have tried others, but I must say I was very impressed by how the tan just scrubbed right off. At only £6 I thought it is well worth the money especially since I get a spray tan so often, it’s also great for waxing prep to stop in-grown hairs.”

The spray tan eraser is best used after putting body oil on for at least half an hour, and then bathing or showering it off. Please make sure to completely remove all oil off your skin with hot soapy water otherwise your spray tan will not take to your skin as well.