Spray Tan Training Course

Accredited Spray Tan Training Course Glasgow

COVID ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a waiting list for this course at the moment, but if you can please provide your email address in the form below, we will add you to our waiting list and contact you when our salon is back up and running! We look forward to seeing you then, take care! Tropicoco

On successful completion of the Spray Tan Training Course you will obtain:

  •  A practioner’s diploma qualification, which will allow you to obtain insurance.
  • Consultation & contraindication training
  • Spray Tan Techniques
  • Business & advertising advice
  • Health & Safety, Hygiene
  • Anatomy and Physiology relating to spray tanning
  • Aftercare advise

Message from your trainer: Caroline (Owner of Tropicoco)

“Hello! I’m Caroline and I opened our spray tan specific salon ‘Tropicoco’ 6 years ago in Glasgow, Scotland. I started out with a course just like this, began a mobile tanning business, and then moved on to open my own salon. Over the years, I’ve completed over 15,000 spray tans and thought it was about time I shared my skills! I really enjoy teaching, and I know this spray tan course will bring you the skills required to gain loyal, lifetime clients.”

Entry Requirements

No previous experience is required to book this course

Course Duration

This course will take half a day to complete, from 9.30 – 12.30

What to bring

You are not required to bring anything to the class. We will provide all equipment and tanning solution.

Learn Consultation skills 

One of the most important skills a professional beauty therapist needs to acquire is good consultation skills. Our trainer will teach you how to ask the right questions in order for you to help your client decide on the best colour and brand of spray tan for their event.


Contraindications prevent a treatment going ahead. An example of a spray tan contraindication could be sun burn, skin conditions or pregnancy. Learning about contraindications will keep your client safe and ensure your insurance is valid.

Learn about brands, shades & ingredients 

We use several brands at our spray tan studio as we feel we can cater to every type of individual this way. Learn about what attributes and advantages are right for you and your clients.

With our insight into spray tan ingredients, your teacher can help you find the best solution for your clients skin. For example, a client with dry skin might benefit from a solution with moisturising properties such as aloe vera.

Choosing your clients shade is a challenge. Our course will cover helpful tips and questions to ask that will assist you in picking the perfect shade for your client.

Our course teaches you how to apply tanning solutions to all body types, understanding the skin, trouble shooting as well as how to operate spray tanning equipment and much more.

Do you have any question about this course? Email info@tropicoco-salon.co.uk