What you should and shouldn’t wear after a spray tan

Don’t let clingy clothes and lousy weather ruin your spray tan!

Leaving the spray tanning salon wearing a loose, protective post-tan outfit is essential to keep your spray tan looking fabulous.

Take advice from this post; you won’t have to walk about in your pyjamas or your Dad’s gym clothes to keep your tan on!

What you shouldn’t wear 

What to wear to a spray tan

T-shirt, blouse or shirt

A loose, long-sleeved top is essential after a spray tan, so the tan doesn’t rub off easily if the top is too tight on your body. Open-wristed sleeves are best, so no lines are created at the wrist. It’s also best to tuck your top into your trousers to stop the top of the trousers from rubbing against your skin as you walk.

Leggings, trousers, shorts, skirts or dresses

Jeans, tights and leggings are an absolute no-no when tanning. Although leggings seem stretchy, the seam of the leggings can cause a problem. On jeans and leggings, there will almost always be a seam line down the thigh’s inner and outer side, making the tan gather and darker. This results in a darker brown stripe down the thighs, which isn’t the best look!

Tights are the lesser of those two tanning evils, but they will still cling to the skin, which may rub off tan, causing your legs to be slightly lighter than the rest of your body.

Slightly baggy work trousers, tracksuit bottoms or harem pants are ideal for bringing along to your appointment, especially ones that trousers can adjust with ties. They must go down your leg to protect you from rain or puddle splashing.

There are hundreds of after-spray tan outfits to choose from online. ‘The Bronzie’ is my favourite for jumpsuits for colder countries, and ‘The Little Tanning Dress’ is excellent for warmer climates.


We are in Glasgow, which means we have unpredictable weather. Therefore, a long-sleeved jacket with a hood will protect you from the rain, as droplets of water hitting your spray tan can ruin it. Loose gloves may also be a good idea if the weather is terrible.

If wearing a bag, ensure you don’t carry it on your shoulder or arm if this makes lines.


Boots are great for avoiding splashes from the rain, but they can cause rubbing all around the ankles and legs. 

From our experience, it’s best to wear flip flops, trainers or plimsolls after a spray tan as you can adjust these types of footwear to prevent tan rubbing off. 

Another great tip is to dust talcum powder (once you’ve dried for 5-10 mins) on your feet. This locks in the tan and prevents it from rubbing off while you walk!

What to wear during a spray tan

Wondering what to wear for a spray tan? Well, it’s all down to wearing what you are comfortable in.

Clients will either:

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