At Tropicoco we stick to one brand as we feel that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting a gorgeous colour that’s even and long-lasting.

However, that doesn’t stop us from being curious about different brands though. We trialled Moroccan spray tanning solution last week, now we want to trial Suntana. 

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What makes this product stand out?

This product comes in a range of colours from light (8%), medium (10%), dark (12%) and after dark (14%). We thought this was really good as it gives people a choice of how dark they want to go for example, some of our clients would go dark for a night out, but for a day time event like a wedding, they would stick to a light or medium.

We discovered that Suntana will NEVER have orange hues which is great for people wanting a deep brown tan. However, there are slight orange hues found in the 14%. Some tans are golden, some are quite red, but this tan is simply brown. Instant satisfaction was achieved once this tan was applied as the colour is fantastic.


Anyone who has tried Suntana will mention its glorious smell. Just like a scrumptious holiday cocktail, getting this sprayed over you makes you feel like your watching the sunset on a beach. Coconut for light, cherry for medium, chocolate for dark and blackberry for after dark.

How dark is it?

Due to it being a strictly brown based tan, Suntana will be a bit darker than your normal spray tan, but if you are unsure of what colour to go, we would always advise going lighter rather than darker.

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