Taking Your Last Spray Tan Off

My last spray tan inspired me to write this post about taking your last spray tan off so a fresh one can go on. I tried a new spray tan brand as a trial last week and I just couldn’t wait to get it off my skin!

I haven’t found a spray tan brand even slightly better than the one I have found for my clients, so I’m very hard to please when it comes to trialling solutions. Like most of my clients, I couldn’t go without my spray tan every week and it HAS to be applied well. Another important factor is how the spray tan fades. A good quality spray tan will fade subtly due to its premium ingredients and base colour, but to make sure it’s totally off for your new tan, please read the following tips.

Why remove it?

You want your tan to be completely even, and pre-darkened patches will look even darker once your new tan is applied. It’s also good to renew your skin so your new tan doesn’t lie on dead skin cells that are soon to come off.

A good body oil to apply before a bath to take off spray tan.Pre-bath

If you want a really easy tan removal using moisturiser or body oils will pre-loosen dead skin cells for quick removal in the bath or shower. Oil-free moisturisers are great for prolonging your tan, but oily moisturisers and body oils should be avoided unless you want to take your tan off. Please note that after using body oils or moisturisers, you must lather your entire body twice and wash of with hot water to thoroughly remove these products before your tan is applied.


Most regular clients are always thinking of ways to get rid of their tan in the fastest way possible and they have come up with some great tips. The day before spray tan day, going for a long and hot bath is the number one choice for swift removal. Jumping in the shower and immediate, vigorous scrubbing will just leave your skin red. Just like you soak your dishes for easier cleaning, you need to soak your skin and the tan should just lift off with an exfoliating mitt or face cloth.

Once your bath is finished, make sure you put a soapy lather all over your skin and rinse thoroughly before your next spray tan is applied. Leftover soap, shower gel, moisturisers, deodorants, make-up and oils will create a barrier to the skin and your tan will not be even.

Soapy lathers are great because they contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate. This is an ingredient that breaks the surface tension and separates molecules in order to allow better interaction between the product and your hair. It works the same way for removing tan, so get soaping!


There’s is nothing more satisfying than wiping your tan away after a week of being beautifully bronzed.

Using an exfoliating spray tan mitt is a great way to remove tan, but an everyday face cloth is ideal too. Straight after a long bath soak and then squeeze the excess water out of the mitt or cloth and start scrubbing. You can then use an exfoliating scrub after this if you still have a bit more left on.

Top Tips From My Regular Clients

  • Go to the steam room
  • Go swimming
  • Go for a long bath as hot as you can stand
  • Moisturise during the week as dry skin holds on to tan
  • Use baby oil a few hours before a bath