a salons retail product range display

Overstocked dusty bottles not shifting?

Are there dusty bottles sitting in your beauty salon as you read this article, are the sales of your beauty salon’s retail products few and far between?

If the answer is yes, don’t worry, we all make the mistake of buying a product, and sometimes too much of it. Don’t threat if it’s nearly reached it’s sell by date, here’s some methods on how to find the top selling beauty salon products for YOUR BUSINESS.

Top sellers in our salon

Bear in mind, this is what works best for OUR SALON, because of years of trial and error, our style of salon, the type of customers we get through the door, and what their getting when they pass it.

1. Hempz Moisturiser

Number 1 best selling beauty salon product

We do A LOT of spray tanning in the Tropicoco salon, so clients want to keep their skin hydrated so the tan looks it’s best. It smells so good that the sample bottle runs out rapidly! We can’t resist it and neither can our clients. 

2. Self Tanners 

Number 2 best selling beauty salon product

We stock Nouvatan, it’s a brand that you just can’t get in the shops and there’s no tan like it! Nouvatan lovers absolutely love how dark it can go and how the mousse dries instantly with a powdery feel to it. Compared to other brands, the profit margin is quite high on this one too if you buy in bulk.

3. The Tan Eraser Mitt 

Number 3 best selling beauty salon product

I personally love this product, and I always encourage my clients who get waxing and spray tanning at the salon. This is because it makes my job so much easier. It inhibits ingrown hairs and it is incredible at taking old tan or skin off. Read about it more here: The Tan Eraser 

4. Vinylux 

Number 4 best selling beauty salon product








This product a fantastic range of polishes from the CND brand. We no longer use CND, but I love the product that much it has to stay. It injects some colour into the salon by having it on display, and it dries in about 5 seconds.

5. Cuticle Oils 

Number 5 best selling beauty salon product

It’s probably the item we sell most of. It smells fantastic, it’s organic and it’s so cute and small it can fit into your clients purse so she or he doesn’t forget about it.

6. Package Deal Gift Cards

Number 6 best selling beauty salon product










Gift cards should always be on display, but why not advertise a gift card that has a special deal. We sometimes give away a free treatment or a glass of Prosecco with a gift card. You can advertise your gift card in a frame and change it every month.

VITAL tips on selling salon retail products

3 things you MUST establish before we begin product planning

1)Write down the services your salon business provide

2) Use your own knowledge or salon software to determine your most popular treatments and start focusing on them

3) Determine your salons ethos. For example, do you want to sell organic, vegan, trendy brands for example

Why it’s SO important to get the team on board

Who can sell your salon retail better than someone who uses and genuinely loves a product? If you would use the product yourself, then it’s going to be a million times easier to encourage your customers to buy and love it too.

Why do you think shops give staff members a discount, to encourage everyone in the team to try the products, and make more sales.

Have a meeting to discuss any new product range and make some print outs if necessary. As a salon manager you’ve got many jobs, but the most important one is keeping employ morale and motivation high, and you can join in too!

Give commission per sale or get to see everyone’s competitive side with a prize for who sells the most in a month.