Fake Bake Spray Tan

Adored by celebrities including the likes of beauty queen Michelle Kiegan, Fake Bake spray tans give you the luxury glow you’ve always dreamed of in under 10 minutes. Whether your looking for a natural just off the beach glow, or you want a deep exotic tan, Fake Bake has all the shades you need in a spray tan.

Fake Bake Original

A natural glow

Perfect for:
Those who want a natural, healthy glow

Most Suitable for:
light to medium complexions

Fake Bake Darker

A deep, exotic tan.

Perfect for:
Those who love to be a deep brown

Most Suitable for:
Olive complexions


Rest assured, Fake Bake spray tan is completely paraben free

Drying time

Spray tans are dry instantly, but at our spray tan salon, we allow all our customers a 10-15 minutes drying off period to ensure your clothes glide on with ease.

Fake Bake Prep

Exfoliate: Preparing for your Fake Bake spray tan will required you to soak in a hot bath the night before and exfoliate the dead skin cells off your skin. This can be done with a buffing tan mitt such as the “Tan Eraser”, or with an exfoliating body scrub.

Product Free: Make sure oils, moisturisers, perfumes, deodorants and makeup products are entirely off your skin. This allows an even coverage.

Hair Removal: Remove hair 24-48 hours before your spray tan.

Post Tan Clothes: Dark, looks clothing must be worn to a spray tan appointment as you don’t want your tan rubbing off onto tight clothes. Try these clothes on before hand to see how easy they are to get on. Examples of loose clothing are: Joggies, PJs, loose shirts, shirt dresses, baggy t shirts. Bad examples are: Leggings, jeans, strappy tight tops.

Lasting Power

Fake Bake spray tans usually last our clients around 7 to 10 days. Our advice is to exfoliate well the day before, and to always pat dry after showers instead of rubbing dry. Don’t use a sponge or loofa to wash that week, just your hands as they are softer. The reason for this is that harsh materials like a loofa will rub your spray tan off prematurely.