LVL Lash Lift

LVL Lash Lift: Length, Volume and Lift

Looking to learn more about the award-winning LVL lash lift?

Learn about the uber relaxing, volume-boosting LVL lash lift treatment designed to lengthen, lift and darken your natural lashes to their full potential for 6-8 weeks.

How does the LVL eyelash treatment work?

Your eyelashes will be covered in a lengthening serum that will elongate your lashes letting them really curl out and upwards for 6 – 8 weeks. 
complimentary lash tint is always included in this treatment. The tinting process will darken the lighter lashes, making them look instantly voluminous.
“Perfect for holidays & a natural volume boost framing the eyes without mascara” 

LVL Lash Lift FAQ’s

Does this treatment come with an eyelash tint?
Yes, the LVL lash lift treatment usually comes with a complimentary eyelash tint which dyes your lashes to make them appear fuller and darker for 6-8 weeks. The eyelash dye used during the LVL treatment is usually black or blue-black, however, violet, brown or red can be applied on request. 
Do the LVL Lash treatments test on animals?
Thankfully the answer is no, the products used for LVL lashes do not permit animal testing and are entirely vegan friendly. 

Can anyone get the lash lift?
Yes! No matter how short or flat you think your lashes are, you can get results with the LVL lash lift. Most salons require a 48 hours allergy test (Even if you have had this treatment before).
Does the LVL lash lift hurt?
This treatment is completely pain-free. The treatment requires you to sit back and relax for 55 minutes.
Can I still use mascara after a lash lift?
Yes, but do so only 24 hours after your treatment. Make sure it’s never a waterproof mascara.
Can I get a spray tan after a lash lift?
Yes, you can spray tan after a lash lift, however, it is best to carry out the spray tan before your lash lift treatment. If you are going to spray tan after a lash lift, preferably wait 24 hours after the treatment to avoid getting your lashes wet. However, if you can’t wait that long, your beauty therapist can hold a cotton pad over your eyes when spraying your face. 
Why do people prefer them to extensions?
Simply because your lash therapist can achieve Keratin protected bold, fluffy lashes in just 55 minutes that will last for up to 8 weeks.  Ditch your clumpy, running mascara and high maintenance lash extensions and opt for the UK’s latest obsession.

Should I do the lash lift at home, on myself?

Although it’s tempting to save money, even trained lash experts find this difficult to achieve on themselves. There are ‘at-home lash life kits‘ available, but it is such a tricky treatment to perform that it is not recommended by Ophthalmologists. Just remember, the lash lift is permanent for 6-8 weeks, so if it doesn’t turn out well, you will be stuck with them. If you need some convincing, just take a look at what can happen on our page ‘Reasons your lash lift went wrong”.

Lash Lift Pricing

Lash Lifting; how much the treatment costs depends on several factors.

Lash lift prices in the UK usually cost between £35-£60 depending on the salon or location. The lash lift treatment is marginally pricey because of the time it takes and the products used, however, the results are more than worth it.

Lash lifting products can be very expensive, so the particular brand a beauty therapist uses will usually determine the price. LVL lash lift costs usually vary because of the salon’s location, the brand they use, the time and expertise they have. For example, if a salon uses Ellebana, LVL, Lash Bomb or Nouveau, the brand is more likely going to be £40+ depending on the location. 

If you’re looking to find out how much a lash lift is in your local area, try a Google search to compare LVL treatment price lists.

What clients think

“I got a lash lift and I’m never going back to lash extensions.” Rachel M. Mindbody Review, United Kingdom

“Wow – couldn’t believe it when I opened my eyes and that was my own eyelashes!” Sonya P Mindbody Review, UK

“Found the treatment relaxing and was shocked at how much my eyelashes had grown and uplifted! The tint looks like your wearing mascara for weeks! Can’t deal with how absolutely love this treatment” Jillian W. Mindbody Review, England

“Looking for lash lift places close to me, I found Tropicoco. Paula did my lash lift for the time, she was very professional and explained the process at each step. Very pleased with the result, will definitely be back for Nouveau lash lifts! Carole B. Google Review, Scotland


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Last updated: 4th December 2022