Lash Lifts for Length, Volume and Lift

Looking to learn more about the award-winning lash lift?

Discover the super relaxing lash lift treatment that enhances your natural lashes’ volume, length, and darkness for months.

What is a lash lift?

The lash-lifting treatment makes natural lashes look instantly longer, curlier, and fuller.

Your lashes will have a serum applied that makes them longer and curl up for at least a couple of months

This treatment includes a complimentary lash tint that darkens lighter lashes, immediately making them look fuller.

“Perfect for holidays & a natural volume boost framing the eyes without mascara.”

Lash Lift Pricing

Eyelash Lifting treatment costs depend on several factors.

Lash lift prices in the UK usually cost between £35-£60, depending on the salon or location; the lash lift treatment is marginally pricey because of the time it takes and the products used, but the results are more than worth it.

Eyelash lift products can be costly, so the particular brand a beauty therapist uses will usually determine the price. Lash lift costs typically vary because of the salon’s location, the brand they use, and the time and expertise they have. Salons that use Ellebana, LVL, Lash Bomb, or Nouveau brands typically charge more than average. The cost may vary depending on the salon’s location.

To know the cost of a lash lift in your area, search on Google to compare the prices of different treatments.

How long does an eyelash lift last?

Lash lifts usually stay for a few months, but they can change depending on how you care for them.

To maintain healthy skin, use an oil-free makeup remover. Additionally, avoid rubbing your face and refrain from sleeping with your face pressed against a pillow.

As The American Academy of Ophthalmology stated, eyelashes grow, fall out, and replace themselves roughly every month and a half. It’s perfectly normal to lose a few eyelashes each day. Therefore, the lash lift will only last as long as your eyelashes.

Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?

A lash lift is like dyeing your hair. A lash lift is similar to dyeing your hair. However, it is not beneficial for your hair. Nevertheless, it can be safe if done in moderation and by a licensed professional.

To ensure the health of your lashes, we also recommend waiting at least a month weeks between services.

Ensure you visit a skilled and certified therapist to prevent damage to your lashes.

Commonly, leaving the product on for too long can cause ‘over-processing’. This is when the therapist misjudges the texture of their client’s lashes and leaves the product on for too long.

Can I still use mascara after a lash lift?

You can put mascara on after a lash lift a day after your treatment. Make sure it’s never waterproof mascara.

Lash Lift Contraindications

Does this treatment come with an eyelash tint?

Tinted and lifted eyelashes are necessary for any life event, especially holidays, because who needs mascara running down their face?
Yes, the lash lift treatment includes a complimentary eyelash tint that makes your lashes look fuller and darker. The dye used for eyelashes is usually black or blue-black, but you can ask for violet, brown, or red.

Do the Lash treatment products get tested on animals?

Thankfully, the answer is no; the lash products do not permit animal testing and are entirely vegan-friendly.

Can anyone get the lash lift?

Yes! No matter how short or flat you think your lashes are, you can get results with the lashes. Most salons require an allergy test a couple of days before your appointment, even if you have had this treatment before.

Does the lash lift hurt?

This treatment is entirely pain-free. The treatment requires you to sit back and relax for an hour.

Can I get a spray tan after a lash lift?

Yes, you can spray tan after a lash lift; however, spray tanning before your lash lift treatment is best. If you spray tan after a lash lift, wait till the day after the treatment to avoid getting your lashes wet. However, if you can’t stay long, your beauty therapist can hold a cotton pad over your eyes when spraying your face.

Why do people prefer them to extensions?

Because your lash therapist can achieve keratin-protected, bold, fluffy lashes in just an hour, you can ditch your clumpy, running mascara and high-maintenance lash extensions and opt for the UK’s latest obsession.

Should I do the lash lift at home, on myself?

Although saving money is tempting, even trained lash experts find this difficult to achieve. There are kits for doing lash treatments at home, but eye doctors don’t recommend it because it’s challenging to do correctly.

The lash lift lasts a few months, so you must keep it if it looks terrible. If you need some convincing, look at what can happen on our page ‘Reasons your lash lift went wrong”.