makeup artist in glasgow

Celebrating an engagement, spending a night out with the girls, or celebrating a birthday, our professional makeup artist Nikole will ensure you look the height of sophistication at any event in Glasgow.

Meet Nikole

From special occasion makeup to working on fashion shoots, Nikole is our salon’s makeup messiah. She listens, advises and always manages to make every one of her clients look and feel flawless. Nikole’s special talent of creating a glamorous look that never fails to look sophisticated is one of her best qualities as a professional MUA.

Booking – If you want to book Nikole: Click here

Picking a makeup look

The best way to describe what you are looking for your makeup artist is to show a few makeup looks you like that you have saved on your phone. This is really helpful because it can be hard to describe exactly what you want with words. Describe to your MUA what you like about the looks you have chosen and if you would like anything changed about them.

Soft Glam

Think Kardashian – Soft glam make-up is a look used to describe flawless face coverage with a softer eye and lip colour. This kind of look can be achieved with or without lashes, and usually teams soft liner with neutral eyeshadows such as browns, pinks, creams, or muted oranges. The lips are usually nude or nude/brown shades and brows are defined but fluffy.

Subtle or Natural

The subtle or natural makeup look will achieve polished skin with subtle eye or lip colour. This option is great for people who don’t wear makeup often and want to feel comfortably glam!


Do we apply lashes:

Yes, lashes can be applied for £5 extra (Please see options on the online booking system)

What should I do before my appointment?

Barefaced is best, with no mascara. The less time our makeup artist uses to take your make-up off, the longer you will have for your appointment

What should I do after my appointment?

Bring an umbrella or raincoat to protect your makeup and stay away from steam or sweating.

How long does it take?

A full makeup application usually takes around 55 minutes

How long will my make-up last?

Professionally applied makeup will last you all day as special primers and setting powders are applied before and after make-up.

Do we have all shades for every skin tone?

Yes, we have all shades of foundation for any skin shade or tone.

Products we use

MAC, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Anastasia, Inglot

Is there parking nearby?

Our beauty studio is next to Glasgow Argyle subway station, St, Enoch’s parking, Jamaica Street parking and a 2-minute walk from Glasgow Central Train station.