St. Tropez Spray Tan

We use St.Tropez spray tan, Nouvatan, Vita Librata, Moroccan tan and our own brand of spray tan in our spray tan studio in Glasgow city centre.

Our St. Tropez Spray Tan Salon: | 40 St. Enoch Square | Glagsow | Near St. Enoch Centre

When we first opened our salon in Glasgow, we had a long think about what our customers wanted from a spray tan. We needed to find a long lasting brand that had golden brown hues, which applied and faded evenly. 

Being the first ever tan brand to be made since 1996, it’s only natural that one St.Tropez tanning product is sold every 15 minutes making St.Tropez the NO.1 choice in the UK for spray tanning and shop bought fake tans. 

Client Feedback on St. Tropez
  • Great for weddings and holidays
  • Most natural tan for very pale people
  • Golden brown colour
  • Absolutely no orange hues
  • Last up to a week or over
  • Faded Evenly
  • Didn’t cling to blemishes
  • Refreshing smell
  • Dried instantly
  • A range of shades light to extra dark
  • Available in St. Tropez Express (1-3+ hour wash off)
  • Looks good on any skin tone
“I simply loved my St. Tropez Spray tan – it lasted all holiday and it faded well” Sarah W | Glasgow | Mindbody Review

How long does a St. Tropez Spray Tan Last?

A St. Tropez spray tan usually lasts about a week, even on holiday. The best way to keep your St. Tropez tan looking fresh is to exfoliate thoroughly the day before with the ‘tan eraser’ mitt, which you can buy from our salon, or any other fake tan removal mitt.

Make sure you pat yourself dry after every shower rather than rub dry. Sponges or loofas are abrasive, this means that it will encourage your tan to come off quicker, so just wash with your hands and soap.

“You just can’t go wrong with a St. Tropez tan – It makes you feel so much better!” Tara R | Glasgow | Mindbody Review

What shade is going to suit me? 

St. Tropez comes in light, medium, dark and extra dark. The paler you are, the lighter you should go e.g. pick original or wash the express St. Tropez off in 1 hour. For more sallow skin, original or dark would be suitable.

Does St. Tropez come in an express tan?

Yes! Everything you know and love about your regular St. Tropez spray tan can be achieved in under 3 hours. To achieve a light shade wash off in 1 hour from your appointment, medium is 2 hours and dark is 3 hours. The St. Tropez express tan or ‘rapid 1 hour tan’, is the exact same quality and the colour will turn out exactly like your used to! For instance, if you normally get St. Tropez original, wash your tan off in 2 hours, if your used to St. Tropez dark, wash it off in 3 hours!

How to I prepare for a St. Tropez Spray tan?

To prepare for a St. Tropez spray tan you must do any hair removal before hand, exfoliate and make sure there is no moisturiser, oils, perfumes, sweat, deodorant or make-up on your skin. This is because these products can act as a barrier to your skin which means the tan will not absorb correctly on the affected areas.

The most important aspect of spray tanning, is to bring loose clothing that’s easy to put on after your tan. Over-sized clothes that button up are the best. Maxi-dresses, joggies, over-sized t-shirt and shirts are great too. Try them on before you arrive to make sure they are easy to get on after a spray tan.

“Wouldn’t go anywhere else for a spray tan. St. Tropez is never orange – it’s quite golden and suits my pale skin” Audrey N | Glasgow | Mindbody Review
How to prolong a St.Tropez spray tan

Much like Fake Bake and Nouvatan, ,St.Tropez is a high end, high quality brand, which will cost you more than the average salon spray tan therefore you will want to know how to keep it for longer.

In January, 2016, the St.Tropez experts have stated that the best type of moisturiser is one which is Aloe-Vera based. Aloe-Vera is known for it’s moisturising properties without the greasy feel. It acts as an invisible barrier to your skin, locking in moisture to prevent dry cracking tan patches. It also keeps the skin flexible by giving oxygen to the cells which in turn increases the strength and synthesis of skin tissue.

So the next time your reaching for a good product to prolong your spray tan, pick up a non-oil based Aloe Vera moisturiser either online, from your tanning salon or from a specialised skin care shop such as The Body Shop.

Using a coarse body polish exfoliator is absolutely essential for getting ride of dead skin cells and old tan. If dead skin cells aren’t removed from the skin prior to application, the solution will lie on top of the dead skin and shed within a few days resulting in an uneven tan that wont last. However, using a body polish will make sure the tanning solution lies on top of new skin giving you a completely even, long lasting colour.

How to compliment a St.Tropez spray tan

Moisturising daily will improve the look and softness of your skin and using a skin illuminator is ideal for nights out. St.Tropez’s tan illuminator is ideal for giving tanned skin a sheen which is great for face and body contouring. Stay away from oily illuminators though, as any oil based products or sun creams will strip your tan off.

Take a look at this video on how to apply the St. Tropez skin illuminator to your skin. Another great illuminator is ‘Body Bling’ by Scott Barnes which is used by celebrities such as Beyonce and JLo to give an instant golden glow to tanned skin.