St. Tropez Spray Tanning


It’s not how it makes you look, it’s how it makes you feel.

St. Tropez tanning products are the worlds leading fake tanning suppliers, known for giving a natural golden and even colour to the skin.


“SAN-TRO-PAY”; that’s how it’s pronounced, the most trusted fake tanning brand in the world. Known for its reputation as the luxury brand of the tanning industry.

  • Natural Golden brown colour
  • Lasting power 1 week
  • Even Fade 
  • Refreshing citrus scent
  • Fast dry mist
  • Range of shades 
  • Available in St. Tropez Express tan (1-3+ hour wash off)

“I simply loved my St. Tropez Spray tan – it lasted all holiday and it faded well” Sarah W  | Mindbody Review


St. Tropez salons provide:

  • A range of St. Tropez spray tanning solutions
  • Consultation of colour and aftercare
  • Complimentary wipes, hairnets and underwear
  • Clean, warm and compact spray rooms
  • A range of St. Tropez tanning products


A St. Tropez tan usually lasts about a week or more, even on holiday. If you are wondering how long before an event your should get your spray tan, the answer is between 1-3 days beforehand.

“You just can’t go wrong with St. Tropez – It makes you feel so much better on the beach!” Tara R | Mindbody Review

Here are some preparation tips on how to keep your St. Tropez spray tan looking fresh:

  • Exfoliate 1-2 days before your appointment
  • After your spray tan session pat dry after showers and use your hands to wash rather than a loofa
  • Moisturse but not with oil 
  • Bring loose clothing to your appointment 


St. Tropez has 4 different colour results to choose from:

Original Classic: Medium colour that won’t go too dark (best for brides, pale individuals or acne-prone skin)

Dark: Develops in 4 hours

Extra Dark: Develops in 8 hours

Oil Spray Tan: We do not stock this tan as we have a concern for people with nut allergies (brazil nut oil in the ingredients)


Your spray tan will set and get darker overnight once you have washed your express tan off. Usually called ‘Express’, ‘1 Hour’, ‘2 Hour’, ‘3 Hour’ ‘Fast’ or ‘Rapid’. Everything you know and love about your regular St. Tropez spray tan can be achieved with this tan.

“Wouldn’t go anywhere else for a spray. St. Tropez is never orange and is good for sensitive skin – it’s a natural golden colour and suits my pale skin.” Audrey N | Santrapay Reviews

How long should you wait before you shower:

St. Tropez 1 hour tan: Wash of in 1 hour for Extra Light

St. Tropez 2 hour tan: Wash of in 2 hours for Light

St. Tropez 3 hour tan: Wash of in 3 hours for Medium

St. Tropez 4-5 hour tan: Wash of in 4-5 hours for Dark

St. Tropez 8 hour tan: Wash of in 8 hours + for Extra Dark 


Our beauty salon has a range of St. Tropez products for sale. From manual application mousses, spray mists and lotions for the face and body. We also stock gift sets, tanning mitts, erasers and removers. Gradual and purity tans are our best sellers.