Using the Luxura X10, powerful and efficient tanning for an extraordinary sunbed session in Glasgow.

Fitted with Vitamin D tubes, the luxury features of our lie-down and stand tanning beds offer the highest comfort and effective results. Sunbeds are are made for optimal tanning results while providing you with time out to relax.

Featuring a MP3 music player plug-in, an adjustable air conditioning system and optional water mist spray, this bed will keep you cool during your bronzing session.

Get the most out of your sunbed session

  • Lightly exfoliate before
  • Increase performance by 60% with proper tan accelerators
  • Stay hydrated and moisturised
  • Use our recommended guide for your skin type

How much is a tanning bed session?

The average tanning bed session ranges from 60 pence to £1 for 1 minute of tanning.

Packages will save you money, but please be careful because some packages need to be used within a certain time frame. This might not seem like an issue, but it could encourage you to overuse sunbeds to get your money’s worth.

Dangers of Ultra-violet tanning

Overdose, burns, eye exposure causing damage to the eye, conjunctivitis, skin sensitivity, headaches, excess ozone production, broken facial capillaries due to excessive exposure, allergies or heat exhaustion.


  1. Tanning equipment should be of sturdy construction. The frame and perspex should easily withstand the impact of a heavy, falling person.
  2. Hydraulic lifting apparatus or ceiling-suspended apparatus should be substantial, safe and regularly check.
  3. Clients should not have access to the timing mechanisms and should not touch the bulbs or burners. They should, however, have ready and known access to an on and off switch and a source of help.
  4. Ventilation should be good but without draughts
  5. A trained operator should be within easy listening distance of the tanning cubicle at all times to cope with any eventualities which may arise. However, the operator must not be subjected to the light from the equipment during client treatment.
  6. Use a proprietary equipment cleanser between clients. Antiseptics and disinfectants can often cause skin reactions in clients and may damage equipment
  7. A client who has cosmetics or deodorants on the body or face must shower thoroughly before the treatment, otherwise, their skin could be sensitised by the products.
  8. The client must wear protective actinotherapy goggles during the treatment (sunglasses are not sufficient). The Google must be disposable or cleaned between treatments using a suitable bactericide.
  9. Children must not be allowed in the cubicle while a treatment is being carried out
  10. Contact lenses must be removed before treatment or the lenses could concentrate the rays and cause damage to the eyes
  11. Warn clients who have returned from sunbathing holidays to cover any areas that have not been tanned for half the recommended exposure time – these areas will burn if exposed to the same amount of radiation as the tanned areas.
  12. Any client who has burns from normal sunbathing must not be allowed to use tanning equipment until all signs of redness and burning have disappeared.
  13. Do not give tanning treatment immediately after other treatments which raise the temeprature of the skin e.g. waxing, electrolysis, sauna or heavy massage, as these will sensitise the skin and a reaction could occur.
  14. Any client suffering from itchiness after treatment must not be allowed back on the equipment until the itching has gone. After this, treatment times must be reduced and then very gradually increased to allow the skin to become accustomed to the UV rays
  15. Government health guidelines stipulate that it is best not to exceed more than 20 tanning sessions per year.

Clients are to be aware of the following:

  1. Do wear the goggles provided
  2. Do only allow half the full exposure time on sensitive areas, e.g. bust/bottom
  3. Do inform staff if you are taking any drugs whatsoever – this includes HRT and the pill
  4. Do drink more fluids to replace those lost by sweating
  5. Do remove contact lenses before use
  6. Don’t drink alcohol before use