Vita Liberata Spray Tan

Vita Liberata Spray Tan; Natural & Organic 

Vita Liberata tanning products are genuinely unique.

This luxury tanning solution is designed to be complexion-enhancing, smoothing imperfections and skin tone with an even golden brown finish lasting over a week.

For beauty therapists, it’s a dream to apply. Think dry mist, no over-powering odour and a visible colour guide—a satisfyingly easy application.

Vita Liberata; live life radiantly

As a therapist and a buyer of Vita Liberata tan products, you can trust me when I say I ADORE this tan. The Vita Libera professional spray tan range is genuinely worth the hype.

  • Pricey (but so worth it, there is so much thought behind the products)
  • Customers rave about it
  • Fantastic retail opportunities that sell fast
  • Amazing customer service
  • Aesthetically pleasing marketing items
  • No smell (over-powering smells can get a bit annoying after your 10th client of the day)
  • Great product for training staff because the colour guide is so clear
  • Already well-known brand

Absolutely no orange

In our years of using Vita Liberata in our salon, I have never seen a client turn orange with this sunless tan. I can’t get across how natural the Vita false tan is.

It has a golden caramel hue and looks just like a natural glow.

Even coverage

This product has to be the easiest to apply for beauty therapists and just-trained beauticians, ensuring even coverage.

The colour guide is a little darker than ordinary mists, but that gives you and your client the peace of mind that you are fully covered in the product, as it would be very noticeable if you missed a bit.

No Smell

Adding scents to beauty products can enhance the experience of using them. However, some clients don’t like overpowering smells, so it makes sense why Vita Liberata decided not to add scents to their fake tan.

Super Fast drying

Vita tan dries faster than any product we have ever used!

Fast-drying applications mean clients are much more comfortable getting dressed after their session, and their clothes won’t rub off false tans.

Lasting power (over one week)

Vita Liberata is moisturising and contains no fragrance or alcohol. This could be the reason why it lasts so long.

No parabens or alcohol

Alcohol is usually added to beauty products to increase the shelf life and add fragrance.

Vita Liberata does not contain alcohol, so your clients won’t get dry skin from this formula.

Dry skin makes for poor-lasting power. Scaley tiger bread skin is not the best look, so when any product says ‘alcohol’ in the ingredients list, it may cause your client’s skin to look cracked.

Feel good skin

The Vita Liberata spray tan dries super fast! It has a soft and powdery feeling on your skin after about 5 minutes of drying off. It is one of the few sprays that feels non-sticky.

Developing Time

It takes 9 hours to develop, but it won’t get darker after 9 hours. That means you can wash it off at 9 hours or leave it until the morning to wash it off in the shower.

Vita Liberata express tan takes 1 hour of wear and can be washed off to achieve a light colour, 2 hours for medium and 3 for dark.


With organic-approved ingredients and no skin-drying alcohol, Vita Liberata is so hydrating that your skin will hold that bronzed colour for over a week.

  • Organic Botanicals
  • Pregnancy safe
  • Paraben-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Sulphate free


The Vita Liberata mist comes in 4 different shades light, medium, dark and extra dark.

Hawaii (Light)

This product is for you if you are pale because it’s super natural!

The Hawaii shade is the best colour for weddings and holidays, even if you aren’t that naturally golden brown.

This is because a lighter shade will be less noticeable than a bright white wedding dress. Also, you don’t want to be too far from your natural colouring and leave your husband or wife looking like Casper in the wedding photos!

A light to medium shade for a holiday vacation is best, depending on your skin tone.

This is because lighter tans appear to last longer. After all, when your skin naturally sheds off, the difference between your natural skin tone and the colour won’t be as noticeable.

If your skin is comedogenic (tending to cause blackheads by blocking the skin’s pores), the Hawaii light is the shade you should pick.

Ecuador (Medium)

Beautifully natural colour for pale to medium skin tones.

Brazil (Dark)

If you have an olive skin tone or go a deep shade in the sun, you can get away with this level of darkness. The Brazil shade is never orange too!

Aruba (Extra dark)

If you are olive-toned and love a deep and sallow complexion, Aruba is your spray of choice.


You might know this type of solution as the “1-hour”, “express”, ‘fast’, or ‘rapid tan.’

This spray type is designed for people who want to wash off their spray sooner than the average development time.

For instance, when your appointment finishes, count the hours according to how dark you want to go and then wash it off at your chosen time. That means 1-2 hours for light, 3-4 hours for medium 5-6+ hours for dark to super dark.

Fast tans are the latest innovation in tanning because they minimise your client’s after-care requirements.

You can read more about express solutions: Rapid Spray Tans.


The Vita Liberata professionals can purchase retail products and practically sell themselves.

The products add to your existing services, including pre and post-tan products.

Our best sellers were:

  • Taster products (especially the boxed ones)
  • exfoliating scrubs
  • Invisi foaming tan water
  • Heavenly Elixer
  • fabulous gradual self-tanner for a longer-lasting bronze
  • body blur and beauty blur in latte light, medium and dark (a kind of tinted face and body makeup)
  • phenomenal 2-3 week mousse
  • Self-tanning tinted lotion for a sun-kissed look
  • Ten-minute lotions
  • mitts

Just a little tip. I asked for some marketing material, and the Vita Liberata customer service team gave me free stand-up posters, leaflets and A2 posters! As you can see in the image above, I received three different-sized signs.