Vita Liberata Spray Tan

Vita Liberata | Natural & Organic 

Vita Liberata is among many other great brands in our professional spray tan salon in Glasgow City Centre.

Vita Liberata spray tans were the first odourless fake tan created in 2007 and have mastered tanning technology since. Used in some of the worlds most famous spas, Vita Liberata it is completely paraben, perfume and alcohol free. 

A-listers Approved 

Famous fans of the Vita Liberata are Sofia Vergara, Sienna Miller, Alessandra Ambrosio, Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner and used in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Catwalk.

Organic Ingredients

With organic approved ingredients and no skin drying alcohol, Vita Liberata is so hydrating your skin will hold the tan colour for well over a week.

Natural Golden Olive Tones

Vita Liberata is designed to be complexion enhancing. Smoothing out imperfections and skin tone with a even golden brown finish that lasts over a week.

  • Non- streak formula
  • Absolutely no orange
  • Even coverage
  • No Smell
  • Super Fast drying
  • Lasting power over one week
  • No parabens or alcohol

Perfect for holidays, events, nights out and weddings. Book your next tan via this page: Click here, or call 0141 243 2004. Check our reviews and Instagram for before and after results @tropicocosalonglasgow

What shades does Vita Liberata come in?

Hawaii (Light), Ecuador (Medium), Brazil (Dark), Aruba (Extra dark) and express.

The developing time

It takes 9 hours to develop, but wont get darker after the 9 hours. That means you can wash it off at 9 hours or leave it to the morning to wash it off.

The express tan however takes 1 hours wash off for light, 2 hours for medium and 3 for dark.

How long is a Vita Liberata appointment?

It will take maximum of 30 minutes to have your consultation, application and drying time.

What do I wear to my appointment?

Bring over-sized loose clothing that’s easy to put on. Try them on before arriving, it will allow you to see how easy the clothes will be to get on after your session, your looking for something that’s not going to rub when putting it on over your head.

What do I do before my appointment?

It is best applied over exfoliated skin. When it gets near to your appointment, moisturise and exfoliate up until the day before you come into the salon, but MAKE SURE you shower off your moisturiser before coming into the salon, even if it’s been on for several hours. Arrive at your appointment with no deodorant, make-up, perfumes, moisturisers or oils.


  • Keep moistuised or extend your spray tan with Vita Liberata gradual tan.
  • Don’t use any oils
  • Use your hands to wash (No sponge or loofa)
  • Don’t scrub your body with exfoliating products or materials
  • Pat skin dry after showers
  • Don’t touch water during development or sweat too much
  • In 10 days once the tan is near it’s end, scrub off with the tan eraser in a bath