Make The Best Out Of Your Tan With Some Halloween Inspo 

It’s that time again! It’s Halloween 2018, you’ve probably got your spray tan booked, but what are you going to wear over it!

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6 Reasons Why Your Lash Lift Didn’t Work

Lash lifting has been and continues to be one of the most popular treatments of 2018 and 2019, and a profitable one at that. But when it comes to the LVL lash lift, we have heard first hand that many lash technicians have mixed results.

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What Is The Best Spray Tan For Pale Skin

best tan for light pale skin

The invite’s in, you’ve got your dress, your makeup booked and now your looking at your pale pins next to the colour of your new dress but somethings just not right!

You’ve guessed it, you need a spray tan booked pronto!

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Spray Tan Turned Green? Here’s Why. 

Green lady after spray tan

We’ve all heard of that friend of a friend whose prom spray tan turned her into Shrek for the night. Either that, or you have experienced green underarms or random spots of green straight after a spray tan, so let us explain why your spray tan turned green.

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Spray Tan Contouring

This is Kim Kardashian using contouring

Spray tan contouring is fast becoming the most popular way to lose inches in a matter of minutes! Kim Kardashian’s famous selfie of ‘before and after contouring’  made this make-up technique go viral, and we can see why!

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Spray Tan Eraser

A spray tan exfoliating mit that prepares your skin for application

It may not be a big deal to everyone, but us Glasgow girls really care about having an even, long lasting glow all year long! That is why we have decided to stock the ‘Tan Eraser Mitt’.  

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Preparing For Spray Tanning

Preparing for your spray tan is one of the most important things about obtaining an even, long lasting glow.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have questions about spray tanning? We have tried to answer all of those queries in this post.

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How To Prolong Your Spray Tan

This is our medium spray tan.We all feel that cloak of confidence drape over us as soon we have our spray tan on, that’s why we want to tell you how to keep that just sprayed feeling for longer!

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How Do Rapid Spray Tans Work?

This is a chart guide for the rapid spray tanning solution.

The ‘Rapid’ or the ‘1 Hour Tan’ is the latest spray tanning technology. Rapid spray tans were introduced for client’s who don’t have time to wait the full 8 hour development of normal spray tans.

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Spray Tanning Booths

Looking for a spray tan booth in Glasgow?

There are two ways to get a spray tan in Glasgow. One way is to enter an automated booth machine that sprays your entire body with mist, the other is to have your spray tan applied by a spray tan therapist using an airbrush gun.

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Spray Tanning – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Have you ever wondered why some spray tans are just better than other spray tans? There are so many factors which can make or break your spray tanning experience.

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Moroccan Nights Spray Tan Review

Looking for a spray tanning booth in Glasgow city centre?

We are always trying out new brands to discover more and more about the spray tanning industry, that’s why last week we trialled the much talked about ‘Moroccan Nights’ tan in 15%.

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St. Tropez Spray Tan Review

This is the St. Tropez colour difference chart.We use the St.Tropez drying booth during our spray tans, so we thought, why not try the spray tan!  

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Suntana Spray Tan Review

mobile spray tanning salon service renfrewshire paisleyAt Tropicoco we stick to the one brand as we feel that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting a gorgeous colour that’s even and long lasting. However, that doesn’t stop us from being curious about different brands though. We trialled Moroccan spray tanning solution last week, now we want to trial Suntana.

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Shellac Nails – Described

Shellac-Nail-PolishShellac™ is a hybrid of nail polish and gel and will leave your nails looking shiny, non chipped, non smudged, for 14 days. With absolutely zero drying time Shellac will leave you with a high gloss manicure or pedicure that lasts.

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