Quotes About Nails

Novel Nail Quotes

Enjoy this sassy list of the best nail tech quotes and sayings encompassing gel polish, acrylic extensions and the classic manicure!

list of nail quotes for salons

  • “It’s all fun and games till someone breaks a nail.”
  • “Your nails are jewels, not tools.”
  • “Your nails say everything about you.”
  • “Your nails speak your style without saying a word.”
  • “It’s a mani kind of day.”
  • “May your Monday be short, your coffee be strong, and your nails get compliments.”
  • “So many nail polishes, not enough fingers!”
  • “Happiness is having your nails done.”
  • “Studies show that women are 99.9% happier with their nails done.”
  • “Good nails speak louder than words.”
  • “Stressed, blessed, nail obsessed.”
  • “Nails take any old outfit and make it new.”
  • “If I use my hands when I talk, you know I’ve had my nails done.”
  • “Cute, sassy, bossy, classy; what will your nails say about you this month.”
  • “Glitter is my signature colour.”
  • “Life won’t sparkle unless your nails do.”

  • “IF ALL YOU EVER POST IS YOUR NAILS……then we will get along.”
  • I mean, I’m over it……but I’m bringing it up to my nail tech.”
  • “If your nails are always done, you probably purchase every shade of pink you see, match your lipstick to your nails and are the ‘planner’ in your friend group.”
  • “Every del-ulu girl needs her del-ulu nail tech.”
  • “I’m a nail tech; no one told me there was admin.”
  • “Clink clink baddies.”
  • “I’m sorry I can’t go out. I have plans. My plans: nails.”
  • “I’m not just a nail artist; I’m a therapist.”
  • “Stiletto. But not took long. Like kinda of square. Only rounded, but like not too short or square or pointed.”
  • “I asked this girl what her love language is, and she said “Press on nails”.”
  • “We ain’t dropping the price; we need better clientele.”
  • “Client: IDK, do whatever you want…..ok……receives experimental 3D Patrick and Spongebob nails.”
  • “Girl math: £30 nai lapp every 3 weeks = £10 a week = £1.42 a day = 5p = basically free”.
  • “I Like long romantic walks to the nail salon.”
  • “Loyal clients; Tag your in pics, hype you up and book months in advance.”

Powerful Pedicure Quotes

Get Instagram famous with these fabulous feet quotes and catchphrases, guaranteed to get your clients in for a luxury pedi after reading the ultimate ‘pamper yourself’ quotes.

image of pedicured feet

  • “Pedicures are the cure for everything. That’s why they’re called pedi-CURES.”
  • “A great pedicure can be as soothing to the soul as… well, to the soul!”
  • “Pedicures; the ultimate stress reliever.”
  • “Your feet never take a day off, so take care of them.”
  • “You know it’s time for a pedicure when you can exfoliate one foot with the other.”
  • “All I want is world peace and a pedicure.”
  • “My life is hard, but my feet are soft.”
  • “Beautiful feet are underrated.”
  • “Let your feet do the talking.”
  • “Your hands and feet never take a day off, so look after them.”
  • “So many nail polishes, not enough toes.”