An HD Brow stylists guide to the ultimate power brow treatment

Basic wax and tint, or HD Brows? This was what I pondered over when it came to deciding what eyebrow course to enrol in. 

My salon had been open for years, focusing on spray tanning and nail treatments, but to expand my business, I wanted to offer my clients another service.

You’re probably wondering, ‘Well, what exactly are HD Brows?’ and why are they so special?

HD Brows are eyebrows styled using products specific to the brand by a brand-trained therapist. The HD Brow service differs entirely from the average eyebrow wax service, as it isn’t an average treatment.

HD Brow therapists give you a unique treatment, including consultation, shaping, colouring, tailoring, and aftercare guidance.

My spray tan clients had a range of top brands to choose from in any shade they wanted. The tan would be applied with precision, and after a strict 10-minute minimum dry-off time, I would dust them with my custom-made glitter sealant powder.

It’s obvious, isn’t it? I enjoy giving my clients an extra special experience in my salon, so I knew I just HAD to pick the (rather expensive but worth it) HD Brow training course.

If you are curious about HD Brows, read my detailed description of my experiences from beginning to end.

Female face before and after coloring and styling eyebrows on beige background

Custom Blend Tint

A consultation with my client before the HD Brow treatment began was necessary. For example, I needed to know what you wanted to achieve regarding shape, thickness and re-growth.

The HD Brow treatment is about trust. Trust your stylist to be honest about what’s achievable, and for you to trust their training and experience to give you dream eyebrows.

Your eyebrow stylist should always consider your goals by asking about your preference for natural or bold eyebrows.

A custom-blended tint will be prepared to complement your:

The HD Brow tint will enhance the appearance of your brows, capturing all the fair and fluffy hair you may not have seen before. This will give your brows a fuller look.

A range of shades are available, including blonde, ash blonde, warm blonde, light brown, dark brown, and black.


Getting your eyebrows shaped by a professional is essential to ensure they are even. I’m sure we have all learned that the hard way.

HD brow stylists use a unique formula to plan your brow shape. We use waxing, threading, tweezing, and trimming techniques to create your ideal HD brow shape.

Threading blends out any harsh wax lines, especially if you have a dark hairline. By threading, you can grab every hair without touching more sensitive areas of the skin with wax.


Innovative HD products will calm the redness from waxing and perfect your eyebrows, leaving you without post-wax embarrassment.

Along with your appointment, you should also expect a mini make-up lesson to help you maximise your brows between growth.

Makeup hides redness after waxing and helps you see where your eyebrows need to grow.

The finishing makeup will consist of mineral products that are safe after waxing. This can include powder, pencil, gel and wax to finish your look. Finally, a highlighter to define the look.


You can keep your HD Brows looking salon-perfect daily with the proper care and maintenance.

What if I have sparse brows?

Your eyebrows will look thicker at your first appointment by tinting them and improving their shape. Depending on how fast they grow, your eyebrows can become thicker with each HD Brow appointment.

Tinting grabs all the hairs that aren’t visible, making them appear thicker. You can also make your eyebrows appear thicker with HD Brow products and clever makeup techniques.

It’s also common to have one eyebrow thicker than the other. Your HD Brow stylist can assist in matching your brows. They can create a plan for regrowth or shape them to match each other.

Your HD Brow stylist will tell you not to pluck your brows until your next appointment to maintain the desired shape.

How long do HD Brows last?

HD Brow lasts up to a month or more, depending on your hair growth.

The HD Brow tint will colour your eyebrow hair for about a month. This depends on how quickly your hair grows and how well it holds the colour.

Applying the tint stains your eyebrow hair and the surrounding skin, giving HD Brows a streamlined look. The waxed skin retains a shape for a ‘just applied make-up’ look for around a week.

What is a re-growth program?

I was close to demanding some client’s hand in their tweezers to me so they didn’t ruin their re-growth. It is tempting to pluck if you hate seeing stragglers, but there are ways to hide them with makeup techniques.

If you have thin or over-plucked eyebrows, you may need a regrowth program to achieve perfect brows.

Improving the shape of your eyebrows will sometimes require you to resist plucking between appointments. To see examples of how this could look, visit our gallery of real people before and after HD Brows.

How long does an appointment take?

HD Brows can transform your eyebrows in approximately 30 minutes. However, a thorough consultation might require up to an hour. The transformation can change your brows from Pamela Anderson’s to Cara Delivigne’s, so it’s worth your time.

Do I need an allergy test?

If you’ve never had an eyebrow tint, you should get a patch test a few days before the HD Brow treatment.

Ensure you phone your chosen salon the week before booking to arrange the test.

Are HD brows permanent?

No, High Definition Brows aren’t permanent.

Your results will last just over a month, depending on your hair growth rate. Your hair will grow back normally.

What’s different to a typical eyebrow shape and tint?

An individual who has undergone extensive training performs an HD Brow service, which differs from regular eyebrow treatment training. So it’s no wonder people turn into HD Browaholics.

The service lasts half an hour longer than your standard brow wax and tint. Regular eyebrow wax or threading appointments typically last a quarter of an hour.

The HD treatment is different from a regular brow appointment. It includes a consultation, eyebrow mapping, tinting, waxing, threading, shaping, trimming, make-up application, and a lesson.

HD Brows have a longer-lasting effect and allow customization to match your client’s shade, unlike lower-quality tints.

How old do I need to be?

The law states that you can’t have your brows tinted under sixteen. You can still have the treatment done from age thirteen (with parental consent).