HD Brows

The HD Brow Treatment; Defining the brow industry since 2008

HD Brows are eyebrows styled using products specific to the HD Brow brand, by an HD brow trained therapist.

“Never underestimate the power of a good brow.”

One size doesn’t fit all.

Want to know what the full HD Brow experience involves? Read our detailed description of what happens from start to finish.

The HD Brow service is completely different from the average eyebrow wax service, as it isn’t a one shape fits all treatment.

HD Brow therapists will ensure you get a completely bespoke treatment starting from a personal consultation, shape, colour, tailoring and aftercare instructions.

Female face before and after coloring and styling eyebrows on beige background

The Consultation

Your HD Brow stylist will give you a full consultation prior to your HD Brow treatment. For example, what you would like to achieve e.g. shape, thickness, re-growth.

“The HD Brow treatment is all about trust; tell your stylist what you want, and trust the training and experience they have had in giving you your dream eyebrows”.

Including your eyebrow goals, your eyebrow stylist will want to find out if you want a more natural or a more bold eyebrow look. If you want a consultation before your appointment, it’s a good idea to visit the salon beforehand to see what they can do for you.

Custom Blend Tint

To complement your skin tone, hair colour and overall style, we will custom blend the perfect tone for your HD brows.  Compared to your average eyebrow service which has a ‘one colour suits all’, your stylist can tint your eyebrows to your specification such as blonde, ash blonde, warm blonde, light brown, dark brown or black

Picking up all your fair and fluffy hair that you didn’t even know existed, our tint will make your brows look fuller even after your first session.

Pick up your eyebrow tint patch test at your local beauty salon, or have it posted to you.


We use a secret brow mapping formula to design your unique shape before using a combination of High Definition hair removal techniques including waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming to create your perfect HD brow shape.


Your eyebrows will be perfected using the innovative HD Brow makeup collection. With your appointment, you should also expect a mini make-up lesson to help you make the most of your brows between growth.

Makeup is a great way to cover up redness after waxing and it is also a fantastic way to show you where to re-grow your brows. The brands make-up consists of mineral products that are safe to use after waxing. This will consist of powder, pencil and wax to create fullness and length and finally highlighter to define the look.

Your re-growth program

For some, the perfect brows might be just one treatment away, however, if you have sparse or over-plucked brows, you will need to be put on a regrowth programme. Your technician will educate you on the areas that need growth so the shape can be improved at each appointment. This will depend on how fast your hair grows. If you are unsure about your suitability for the HD brow treatment, pop by your local salon for a consultation.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions 

Why is the HD service different from a normal eyebrow shape?

An HD Brow service is performed by an individual who has undergone extensive training compared to normal eyebrow treatment training.

The service usually lasts 20-35 minutes longer than a normal brow wax and tint. Normal eyebrow wax or threading appointments typically lasts about 10 minutes. This is because unlike a standard brow reshape appointment, the HD treatment will include a consultation to find out your goals, perform facial mapping, custom eyebrow tinting, waxing, threading, shaping, trimming, make-up application and a lesson.

There is a difference between HD brow tint and tint of less quality as it lasts a week or two longer and can be mixed to match your clients exact shade.

How long do HD brows last?

HD Brows last around 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth.

Is eyebrow threading involved?

We use threading to blend out any harsh wax lines maxing the skin around your brows smooth and seamless. By threading, we can get every hair without touching more sensitive areas of the skin with wax.

Do I need an allergy test for HD Eyebrows?

If you have never had an eyebrow tint before, a patch test for the HD Brow treatment is a necessity at any reputable HD Brow salon in 48 hours before your appointment. Thankfully the likelihood of a reaction is very slim, but a very small percentage of people are allergic to dyes such as tint or hair dye.

When booking a treatment at a brow bar, you will need to send your address on your booking notes so we can send you a patch test. This must be put on 2 days prior to your appointment, so please book giving us enough time to post your test (book 5 days before your appointment).

How Long does it take to do HD brows?

Your HD brows should take 30 minutes but can take up to 45 minutes if a more thorough consultation is required. To obtain the High Definition Brow look, 30 minutes is required, but please allow 45 minutes if you are a new client.

Can my HD Brow stylist make my eyebrows thicker?

Your brows can be altered to look thicker at your first appointment by tinting them and improving their shape. Tinting grabs and tints all the hairs that aren’t that visible making them appear thicker. We can also help make your eyebrows appear thicker by teaching you clever make-up techniques using a range of HD Brow make-up products. 

Depending on your eyebrows growth rate, it’s possible to achieve thicker brows every time you come back to get the HD Brow appointment. Your HD Brow stylist will advise you to not pluck your brows between appointments so we can keep the shape we are trying to achieve.

Are HD Brows permanent?

No, High Definition Brows aren’t permanent. Your results will last around 3-6 weeks depending on your hair growth rate. Your hair will grow back as usual and you will need to book another appointment to have them re-shaped again. The tint is also semi-permanent and will fade over a few weeks, a re-tint will be necessary when you come back for your next HD Brow appointment.

Can men have HD Brows?

Yes! It’s a very popular treatment for men who want a more natural HD Brow look with or without make-up. If you are curious, then just drop us an email, or come and visit our HD Brow salon in Glasgow for more information.

Official HD Brow Stylists

To find a fully trained official HD Brow stylist, check out the HD Brow website. This will ensure your therapist has completed full training and only use HD Brow products and tools.