Spray Tan Contouring

Spray tan contouring is fast becoming the most popular way to lose inches in a matter of minutes! Kim Kardashian’s famous selfie of ‘before and after contouring’  made this make-up technique go viral, and we can see why!

Why is contouring so good?

Contouring is not just for runway or fashion model shoots anymore. It is now practised by make-up artists and spray tan therapists to subtlety enhance their clients’ bone and muscle structure by highlighting and low-lighting.

Contouring can give your clients higher cheekbones,  a thinner nose, a smaller forehead, a more structured jawline and more defined muscles. This gives them the appearance of better bone structure and a slimmer, fitter figure in a matter of moments.

How does contouring work?

Just like make-up contouring, spray tan contouring is achieved by using a darker shade of tanning solution on the areas you want to define. For example, therapists will spray the entire body with a medium or light tanning solution, but will use a darker shade of solution on the areas they want to define. For example, spraying a darker tanning solution below the cheek bone will create depth.

Muscle definition is used much the same way. By spraying the edge of your muscles, this creates depth which makes your muscles appear larger or more toned.

this is a picture of what spray tan contouring can achieve Can spray tan contouring make me look more toned?

The answer you wanted to hear is yes, you will look more toned with spray tan contouring and you don’t need muscles for this either. For example, if you imagine yourself standing face on to your therapist, using a darker solution on the outer and inner thigh, she will be able to create the illusion of a slimmer leg, as light will not bounce off the skin as much making your legs slimmer.

Can spray tan contouring give me a better cleavage?

A more defined cleavage can be achieved easily with contouring as the darker solution is placed in the crease of the cleavage to create depth which then enhances the amount of light that bounces of the skin in the middle, creating a fuller cleavage.